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New Sock It to Me site goes live!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a new website, and it’s live. It’s going to make your shopping experience smoother and easier, and we can’t wait to show you.


(click the link! it’s live!)

Let’s talk perks. Why is our site exciting for you? Take a look:

  • Registered users get 5% off all sale items, forever. 💰
  • Registered users are ALSO automatically part of our rewards program
    • each product you buy earns you 1 point, & 1 point = $1 off a future order!
  • It’s easier than ever to find aliens or cats with our cool new search and filter features! 👽
  • The new site is FAST.💨
  • The new site looks BEAUTIFUL on your phone. (Raise your hand if you’re reading this from said phone 🙋)

Check out our filters!

Select what type of sock or underwear you’re looking for, and filter by Color, Topic, or Special Feature! (Special features include Shimmer Socks and our brand new Slipper Socks!)

Other brand new treats include our Sock Labs, a testing zone for new sock designs!

Get a chance to vote on designs with your dollars and purchase socks before they’re officially part of our collections. We’ll use your feedback to choose which socks leave the lab and which remain locked up, never to see the light of day again!

So go ahead! Check out the site, register an account, and let us know what you think!

Sock It to Me at the 2019 Golden Globes!

We meant to bring this up earlier, but it’s pretty cool, so we’re going to mention it now even though it’s very late.

If you’re a fan of the Golden Globe Awards, you may or may not be aware that every year all of the nominees and all of the presenters are given a fancy gift bag to take home. The typical contents of the gift bag are incredibly swanky–expensive watches and jewelry, obscure skincare products, even luxury cars and exotic vacations.

This year, nestled amongst the expensive creams and miscellaneous goodies, were a pair of socks from Sock It to Me. True to the theme, the pair we included was called “Movie Night.”

If you’re wondering how you can get a pair of Movie Night of your own, the best way would be to build a time machine and go back in time to get them. Unfortunately, we stopped selling them last year. If you do succeed at time travel, maybe make a movie about it, and then next year you can be nominated for a Golden Globe of your own.

Read about Sock It to Me at the Golden Globes:

Sock It to Me “Behind the Scenes” Series: Grand Finale!

And for our grand finale of the “Behind the Scenes” series, a lady who really doesn’t need any introduction, the whole reason any of us are even here now – Carrie!


Name: Care- easy  aka Carrie

Position at SITM: El Presidente and founder

Years at SITM: 7 ½ years!  From day one.

Favorite pair of SITM socks: hmmmm  Byrce T.  I like our stripes, they fit and feel the best.

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: I like food, exploring, adventure, thinking outside the box, new experiences, color, creating, being conscious of what I put in my body, exercise, animals, kids, and old people!

What were you doing before you started working at Sock It to me? Looking for a “real job” while piecing together part-time and temporary jobs.  Last part -time job was cleaning houses for local company Domestica.  I learned how to be an efficient cleaner, which is good, but it wasn’t my calling.

One food item you could not live without:  Only one??  1st) Creamy mac and cheese 2) Sausage and pepper pizza from Apizza Scholls in Portland 3)Chocolate soufflé.

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens?  Bi-Mart, duh!  Its this store in the Pacific Northwest that sells hunting/camping gear, guns and ammo, food, clothes, prescriptions drugs AND has no windows.  All doors have roll down metal covers, at least the one by my house does.

What sock do you wish SITM had? A long, versatile, cable knit, over the knee.  (Working on this style now and we’re pretty close.)




How Does It Feel to Win SITM’s for a YEAR?!

Remember the contest we ran last year in August during our NYC nail art event?  We caught up with one of our lucky winners, Nicci Walker, who correctly guessed how many pairs of Sock It to Me’s were in the vase.  Of course we had to get the low-down on how it feels to receive 3 free pairs of Sock It to Me’s EACH MONTH (I guess dreams do come true)!


Nicci’s Lucky Number = 29!


1) Did you randomly guess how many socks were in the container or did you try to figure it out mathematically?   I just randomly guessed!

2) What are your favorite pair of Sock It to Me’s that you received during the year? I have to choose a favorite?!  ugh… I guess it’s a toss up between my owl ankle socks and my green KOI fish socks…
3) What was the greatest part about receiving 3 pairs of socks every month for a year?  It felt like Christmas every month! I loved that I go to pick out which socks that I got- and that it wasn’t a random selection.
4) Did you pick out all 36 socks for yourself, or did you share some of the sock love?  I did share the love though I kept most to myself.

5) Are you a bigger sock fan now or prior to the contest?  I don’t know that I could have been a bigger sock fan but I’m definitely an even bigger fan of Sock it to Me.  It was so generous of you to give me so many awesome socks- I just can’t stop singing your praises!

6) How often do you sport your Sock It to Me’s?  Probably two or three times a week at a minimum- in the winter and fall almost every day!

7) Craziest place you’ve worn your Sock It to Me’s?  I need to be more creative in my destinations- no where very crazy though I did wear my ninja socks to facilitate a contentious meeting at my old job 🙂

8) What styles do you hope Sock It to Me comes out with next?  I would love to see a pair or two with dogs on them!! 


Nicci Walker sporting her SITM’s (and her adorable puppy!)






The Sock It to Me “Behind the Scene” Series: Take 5

We’re proud to announce our NEWEST team member (officially anyway) – Alicia!  You have Alicia to thank for many of your most beloved Sock It to Me styles, and now that we have our hands on her full time, expect great things!


Name: Alicia

Position at SITM: Senior Designer

Years at SITM:  “officially” working here 1 month, unofficially 1.5 years

Favorite pair of SITM socks: Tighty whities

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: Eccentric yet peppy and a snazzy dresser.

What were you doing before you started working at Sock It to me?  Living the dream as a fashion designer for the past 8 years and worked in LA and NYC before moving to the Columbia River Gorge 2 years ago!  I own Pepstyle Designs and freelanced for Sock it to Me before coming in full time.  I also love to teach and inspire those around me so I teach Apparel and Accessory Design at the Art Institute of Portland.

One food item you could not live without: Bacon + blue cheese burgers

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens?  I live in Hood River so I think the zombies won’t want to drive the 84.

What sock do you wish SITM had?  The “everything” sock…. one part rainbow, one part baby kittens, next adding Dracula and a dash of yeti.  Definitely they would be scratch and sniff too.