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Get to Know: Birds of Prey

Get to Know Birds of Prey

Owls can be eerie, but they are certainly beautiful.


SITM: What’s your superpower?

Prey: I have amazing vision, both physically and metaphorically.

SITM: What do you do to relax?

Prey: I use camouflage to blend into a tree. I love the feeling of watching prey when no one knows I’m watching.

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Prey: People often find comfort and meaning in my likeness. They believe that representations of my form will bring them protection because of my skills as a hunter.

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Prey: There is no reason, as a hunter, to lack grace or beauty.


Owl bet you’re ready for a pair of Birds of Prey.

Holiday Gift Guide: Whales + Owls + Dinos

We will unashamedly say that we love presents. We love to give them, and we love to receive them (even if they are pieced together with paper and glue). After all, if it’s made with love, it’s received with love… well, in our book, at least.

Having made the majority of gifts over the years, we want this year to be different. But with so many people to shop for and not enough direction, we thought we’d piece together a gift guide, using a few of our own socks as inspiration. Right now, our hearts are all aflutter for whales, dinos and owls. (They are so stinkin cute. My gosh!) We hope you join us in our star-struck wonder… and get a few good gift ideas while you’re at it!  Happy gift hunting, friends! xo

{ Whales }

Whales, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Sterling silver whale card holder, $250 from www.lecherchemidi-nantucket.com
Whale tote, $20 from Supermarket
Wall art by Kate Endle, $375 from Velocity Art and Design

{ Owls }

Owl knee-highs, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Owl locket, $25 by the Enchanted Locket (Etsy)
Owl pillow, $50 from yunapyon (Etsy)
Owl night light, $40 from Happy Owl Glass
Owl hook, $22 from Digs

{ Dinosaurs }

Dinomite, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Zuny Dinosaur bookend, $48 from Yanko Design
Dinosaur necklace, $11.99 from ModCloth
Dinosaur letterpress "Thank You" cards, $15 (for 8 cards) from Pocket Creative (Etsy)

p.s. We can’t let you go without saying this: Gifts come and gifts go, but words of love are forever remembered. ♥