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How to Be a Real Superhero Every Day

Are you a superhero?

If you answered yes, then congrats. I’ll try not to take up too much of your time, so you can get back to doing whatever it is that you do. If you answered that you’re not a superhero, then here’s a follow-up question: are you ready to become one?

This is not a trick question. You can become a superhero if you want. If it seems like you can’t maybe that’s because, in the age of Marvel, we’ve been conditioned to have a narrow understanding of what a superhero actually is. So, let’s make a distinction between real superheroes and fictional superheroes. To be a real superhero, you don’t have to be extremely wealthy like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne. Or have been born into it in a faraway land like Black Panther or Wonder Woman. Or gain your powers through a freak accident like Spiderman or The Hulk. You don’t have to fight crime or an arch-nemesis. All you have to do is believe in yourself, and have the courage to do some good.

Over the past month, in anticipation of National Superhero Day on April 28th, we’ve been asking you to tell us what kind of superheroes you are, or you aspire to be. We’re impressed.

Here’s one from our Instagram friend, @active_aimee: “I am that person that will stop a complete stranger on the street to compliment them. I love seeing how this immediately changes how they carry themselves. I see them smile, stand taller, and have a bounce in their step.”

That’s awesome! Going out of your way to make someone’s day better are absolutely the actions of a superhero.

Another real-life superhero is @__tiffit__, who says her self-confidence “gives her the mental and physical strength to balance life as a medical student and amateur powerlifter and bodybuilder.”

Superhuman strength and energy is required to do just one of these things, let alone both. So, yeah, she definitely qualifies as a real-life superhero. And years from now when she’s a working doctor AND a power lifter? That’s a superhero alter-ego you don’t want to mess with.

Another no-doubt superhero is @jaimeannez, who told us: “As I am just getting home from an event I volunteered at for a nonprofit near and dear to my heart… I volunteer for Suck It Suicide. We are all about suicide prevention, education, and awareness. As a 4 time attempt survivor, helping those struggling or even who have suffered a loss helps keep me above ground. If I can help people stay above ground with then I’m fulfilling my purpose. Maybe I can help them realize they have purpose too.”

Wow. We are DEFINITELY looking at a real-life superhero here, folks. The fact that she’s willing to share that she’s a four-time suicide survivor takes heroic bravery. Not only that: her origin story. Her experience as a four-time suicide survivor gives her unparalleled insight into the mindset of the people she’s helping.

You are amazing for the difficult work you do, and unquestionably a superhero walking amongst us.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and do good in a variety of different ways. We easily found three examples of everyday, non-fiction superheroes who blend into the daily fabric of our lives. You sent us so many more great examples and we could go on and on. That’s the point. Everyone, whether they realize it or not, has a superhero inside them.

A costume? Not necessary. A sidekick? No. A secret lair? Wherever you spend most of your time will do just fine. An origin story? Your own origin story is already absolutely perfect. The only thing you need is the confidence to see yourself as a superhero, and the drive to get out there and start doing some good.

Today’s the day! National Self-Confidence Day is here!

How are you today? Are you feeling confident? Don’t worry: there’s no rule that says you have to be confident on National Self-Confidence Day.

If you are confident, great! If you’re not confident, that’s OK! For lots of us, it’s not easy. It takes time. The opinions we hold about ourselves are so deeply ingrained that they’re difficult to change. But you should know that the point of today is not to pretend to be confident. The point of today is to plant the seeds of real confidence.

Let’s begin by making a personal inventory of all the reasons you should be confident. Maybe you just aced an exam. Maybe you just started working out at the gym. Maybe you’re a world champion boomerang thrower. Maybe you have a close-knit group of friends. Maybe you’re a world champion knitter. Maybe you know how to make a sandwich nobody else knows how to make. Or maybe you’re nice to people. All of these things are worth celebrating–if they’re you.

Look for simple confidence-boosting tips and tricks you can do. These will help nurture the seed. We wrote down some ideas in our recent blog, Five Easy Tips for Self-Confidence, but the important part is figuring out which strategies work for YOU.

And for everyone who woke up feeling confident today, that’s awesome! It’s a great feeling, no? Don’t you want to help others experience it? It can be as simple as passing along a confidence-inspiring message to a friend or loved one. Let them know you believe in them. A simple comment takes barely any effort, and it can have a huge impact on them.

You may also consider taking it a step further and talking about confidence with someone on a deeper level. If you know someone who struggles with confidence, one comment probably won’t be enough to change their perspective, but you can make a difference by sitting down and having a conversation. Letting them know what a big difference confidence can make in their life, and how it’s possible to make the change, could be their impetus to start seeking confidence-inspiring strategies of their own.

The most important thing to remember about National Self-Confidence Day is that the point is not to feel confident today and forget all about it tomorrow. The point is to inspire long-term, lasting change for as many people as possible. And we want you to know that you’re awesome, and we appreciate your help.