Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 5

I’ve determined it’s all in the accessories. So this year, with a smaller style budget than ever, I decided to invest in a new pair of tights and a belt. It’s done wonders to my wardrobe. I recommend it. In fact, it’s created a bit of a belt revival in my life. Next on my buy list: this chic bow-tied belt in purple. I’ve been nursing an Anthropologie gift card since last Christmas, hoping to find something I cannot live without.  I think this is it.

Not just belts and tights, but boots and blazers can change an outfit entirely. Depending on what you do, it could look like a different dress every time you wear it. I happen to love this dress, which is why I started getting creative about how to dress it down. These are random throw-togethers, but it gives you an idea on how to turn a dinner dress into an everyday dress. [Brown tights and socks/skillets are key!]

Look #1: Professional > Dress + sweater + belt + tights + SITM warm stripe socks + boots


Look #2: Playful > Dress + cardigan + tights + SITM skillets + boots


p.s. I know, I know…  I look like a dork in these pictures. My modeling skills are a work in progress. Well, sort-of. I’m not really practicing.

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