Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 2

Today is one of those Portland days where the weather wavers between gorgeous and yucky, on and off, all day. It’s annoying. At this point, I’ve learned. But it took me a while. You can pretty much wrap it all up into three rules: One, always carry sunglasses. Two, always bring a raincoat. Three, never expect the weatherman to be right. Once you’ve accepted those key points, you’re set.

Even the fashion-forward know that you simply have to adjust your wardrobe to accommodate our perpetual chance of rain. For instance, suede and satin shoes are most assuredly out. Unless you like playing the roulette wheel of chance, which I don’t recommend.  (“Oh they’ll be fine! I’m sure. I just have to have them.”) Yeah… um, that never works out. Most of us have learned this the hard way. So we started spending our money on rain boots and chic, brimmed caps. You do what you gotta do.

Traditionally, I don’t ever carry an umbrella. I bought this one (below) the day before I moved to Portland, four years ago. Since then, I may have used it once. What can I say? I’m a Portlander now. Umbrellas are out of style. However, it did match my outfit, thus I threw it in for good measure. So there you go. Now I’ve used it twice.

Look #2: Double-breasted wool coat + cap + rubber rain boots + tights + cute socks


Outfit B

Outfit A

Can you tell we had fun shooting these outfits? Oh yes, lots of fun to be had at SITM!

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