Meet the Sock: Robosock


A robotics degree is not required to appreciate this meet and greet with Robosock.


SITM: What are you bringing to the Sock It to Me line?

Robosock: A calculated style.

SITM: What shoes do you think you go best with?

Robosock: Aluminum. Do humans wear aluminum shoes? Any kind of metal will do. I think I’ve heard of a steel toe shoe. I could work with that.

SITM: Who is your sock idol?

Robosock: I’ve heard of socks made of chainmail. If these exist, they are my sock idols.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Robosock: Making 01111101000 (1000 for those that don’t know binary) calculations per second.

SITM: Where do you want to be seen, make an appearance?

Robosock: According to my programing, the Robo Boogie is what to do when you make an appearance, so though I don’t know where, I know that’s what I’ll be doing.

SITM: If you could be worn by one pair of feet, who would you choose?

Robosock: A bionic man. Or woman. Gender makes no difference to me.


If your calculations are correct, you know the answer is Men’s Crew Robosock ($11.50).

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