Meet the Sock: Love Bites


Tired of this game called love? Love Bites is hoping you’ll have a change of heart.

SITM: What are you bringing to the Sock It to Me line?

Love Bites: His & hers heartache.

SITM: What shoes do you think you go best with?

Love Bites: Not sure about shoes, but a sharkskin suit would be sleek.

SITM: Who is your sock idol?

Love Bites: Orca and I chum around.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Love Bites: Evolutionary perfection–I’ve been a predator since before the dinosaurs. Eat your heart out, T-Rex!

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Love Bites: Never stop moving, no matter what takes a bite out of you.

SITM: What is your favorite song?

Love Bites: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Maybe love took a bite out of you, or maybe you just want to nibble on someone…these socks will help. Available in women’s and men’s.

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