Meet Our Newest Brand Ambassadors!

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Meet Our Newest Brand Ambassadors!

Meet our newest brand ambassadors! 

From the gym to the mail route, each of these amazing humans celebrates our socks in their own unique way, and we’re honored to have them rep our brand. We’re amped to introduce them to you!

Zach D’Onofrio

IG handle: @zach_donofrio

Meet Our Newest Brand Ambassadors!

Two-time American Idol contestant and manager of the band Over Under, Zach D’Onofrio has done more than just rock our socks, he’s given them to Katy Perry! This musical maven and all-around sweetheart have made “Don’t Quit” his personal motto. Whether it’s taking 10 classes per semester, developing his own company, or managing musicians, Zach gives it his all one-hundred percent of the time. 

“All of these things were made possible because I didn’t quit!” he says.

Whether he’s making musical magic in our Wizard Lizard crew socks or devouring some of his schoolwork in our Beach Is Closed ankle socks, Zach is always making us feel like one in a million.

“While wearing Sock It To Me socks, I love to perform. Being in front of a crowd with these unique socks on is the perfect conversation starter. Also for school and classes, I love standing out with my own style, and can’t wait to influence others to do the same. Fun socks are where it’s at!” 

Holding our All That Jazz Crew Socks

We can’t forget @Katy Perry wearing our socks while @zach! sang back in 2018 😍 #fyp #americanidol #katyperry #lionelrichie #lukebryan

♬ original sound – sockittomesocks

Brian Klimek

IG handle: @suittielinksbracesman 

Known as The Suit Tie Links Braces Man, Brian goes beyond being besuited. 

This family man has an eye for color and patterns, and when it comes to his clothes, nothing is plain. His life’s goal is to provide styling guidance for dressier wardrobes, inspiring others with his impeccably dashing menswear tips. Brian is there to teach how to flaunt suits and ties, along with how to “optimize and accessorize.” He augments everyday looks through tutorials, tips, and even a Coordination Magic Gallery!


“My aim is to guide and inspire with stylishly coordinating menswear elements for a sharp, dapper look that will leave you feeling cool, comfortable, and confident,” he says. “I have taken this passion to new levels to help others. Let’s have some fun. Allow me to work my magic and up your suit & tie (& sock) game!” he effuses.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your professional look or stepping up your formalwear for stepping out, Brian is there to provide creativity and counsel for even the most hopelessly dowdy.

Brian’s favorite things to do while wearing our socks include riding rollercoasters, hiking, and lounging around…all after solving the puzzle of coordinating which pair goes with his current duds, of course.

Support Brian’s stylish website here!

Wearing our Unknown Floating Object Crew Socks

Charmayne Wright

IG handle: @mama_sk8s 

Charmayne’s axiom is “life is better on 8 wheels.” This Australian vixen makes rollerskating videos and uses her skills to teach others how to skate! One of those moms that every kid wishes were their own, Charmayne provides tips and tricks for even the most novice of skaters. We love how she rolls!

“My absolute favorite thing to do while wearing your socks is roller skate!” she says. “They are actually the only brand of socks I wear to skate in, I’ve found them to be the best. My fave pair are the rainbow stripe knee highs.”

Check out Charmayne’s video showing her practicing her turns here!

Wearing Our STRETCH-IT™ Super Juicy Socks

Ian Simon

TikTok handle: @mailmanofthecentury 

What would you do if your mailman brought you the bills while dancing? Ian Simon is one slick postman, cutting some sick moves while wearing our socks! This rad dad and self-professed “mailman of the century” is always looking to brighten everyone’s day, whether it be on TikTok or in person. 

Screen Shot At Pm

“My favorite things to do while wearing your socks are delivering the mail, working out, and, of course, dancing!” he says. 

Check out this video of him absolutely slaying it in our Genius at Work crews!

From hitting the gym to delivering the mail on his route, Ian brings his unique style and swag to every step he takes. We wish we could cut a rug nearly as well. 

Screen Shot At Pm
Wearing our STRETCH-IT™ Tacosaurus Socks
Wearing our STRETCH-IT™ Shark Attack Socks

Richard Yu

IG Handle: @richyu54

Competitive weightlifter and gym guru Richard Yu definitely breaks barriers! This plate-pushing badass tests his physical strength while wearing unicorn knee-high socks. 

Whether he’s showing how to perfect a deadlift, or hoisting the equivalent of 794 blueberry muffins, Rich illustrates how being a badass lifter in the gym doesn’t mean being boring or stereotypical. 

From Strongman events to lifting competitions in his home state of Florida, Rich makes sure to show off his style with our socks. His favorites are Pup Pup and Away, Unicorn of the Sea, and any of our knee-highs, which he says draw the most attention when he’s working out. 

Here he is lifting in our Secret Powers knee-highs, showing off his not-so-secret strength!

Screen Shot At Am
Wearing our Foxes in Boxes Knee Highs
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