Jordyn Bryant

JordynBryant1Name: Jordyn Bryant
Age: 14
Hometown: Madison, IN
Occupation: Founder of World Wakers & Student

Even though she’s only 14, Jordyn Bryant has the unselfish savvy of someone at least twice her age. She started World Wakers, an organization determined to ‘wake up’ humanity to a scope of issues that call for attention. These days World Wakers is raising money in order to found a water system in Liberia, Africa. By joining forces with Eric Wowoh and the Change Agent Network, Jordyn Bryant has helped collect money and rouse people to pay attention to the crisis for clean water in a country that desperately needs it.

JordynBryant2Although she may be limited in years, she’s boundless when it comes to dreams. “I really want to do something that I will enjoy and be able to use to change the world. I want to somehow combine mission work, public speaking, photography, and graphic design.”

Through a Bible study she organized at her middle school, Jordyn became moved to do something bigger than simply meeting up with a few like-minded students.

“I began to feel that we could be so much more than just a group of kids that met every week,” she says. “The very first thing that came to mind was to raise money to build a water system. I was still a little skeptical about the idea, so I kept it to myself for about a week.”

EricWowohSparked by reading the book “Do Hard Things,” Jordyn took her idea out in the open. With the seed planted, the group started fundraising and looking for partnership opportunities with already established organizations. As a result, in November of 2014, Jordyn met with Eric Wowoh of the Change Agent Network, an organization championing philanthropic and humanitarian efforts in Liberia. “He immediately took up my offer to help and took me seriously about my project, something not a lot of adults would do,” she gratefully recalls.

World Wakers’ immediate mission is to provide 20,000 people with clean water in Lofa County, Africa, a laudable objective that World Wakers is on their way to achieving.

Away from her studies in school and her fundraising efforts, Jordyn indulges in her creative passions, namely writing, playing her guitar, photography, and theater.


“I believe art is a powerful way to inspire people,” she explains. “I love incorporating quotes or lyrics into art, and I’ve found that it’s a powerful way to get a message across. I think that we take words for granted. Words can literally change someone’s life, and a lot of people fail to see that.”

JordynBryant3Jordyn believes in sharing her vision with others, including her peers. “My message to young girls that want to change the world is this: Don’t think that you have to wait until you’re older to do something big,” she says. “If you have an idea, don’t hold back. You’re meant to change the world and there is no better time to start than now.”

Unbelievably sage advice from a young lady wise beyond her years. For her humanitarian and fundraising efforts, and for just giving us hope for the future, we think Jordyn Bryant is a very Cool Girl!

You can check out World Wakers online through their various social media pages:

Facebook: World Wakers
Instagram: worldwakers_
Twitter: @WorldWakers

And you can see more on their website,

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