Human of the Month

Human of the Month

At Sock It to Me we believe everyone has a unique voice that deserves to be heard and that the world would be a better place if everyone felt encouraged to be their authentic self. In addition to making awesome accessories that inspire self-expression, we have also highlighted and celebrated extraordinary individuals in our community through our annual Design-A-Sock Contest, artist collaborations, social collaborations and in our very own Cool Girl Blog series. 

Cool Girl began over a decade ago as the passion project of our founder Carrie Atkinson. At the time, she felt it was important to draw attention to women doing amazing things in their community. The blog has showcased the work of female activists, entrepreneurs, students, teachers, artists, and authors from around the globe. The stories have been humbling, inspiring, and a big reason our fans love us so much. 

But we recognize it’s time for us to be more inclusive and feature a broader range of underrepresented groups in everything we do. While the sentiment of the blog will remain true to its origins, we want to acknowledge and respect that there is a spectrum of gender identities that deserve to be featured. To make sure the name of our blog doesn’t remain a barrier, we’re rebranding it to Human of the Month!

No matter what your pronouns are, there is space for you at Sock It to Me. We have big plans for this platform, beyond removing gender from the title, so stay tuned for more announcements. In the meantime, please check out our very first HUMAN OF THE MONTH: Michelle Steilen (they/them) and the amazing work they do in the skating industry, and check out their thoughts on our name change:

“I think it is wonderful that the Sock It To Me brand has rebranded to feature “Humans of the Month” because the struggle for equality and equal rights has been won as much as it has been lost, and it’s important that we lead with openness while we all get better connected as a world. Equality is important, and identifying as being a part of a spectrum rather than a binary is a message I like to carry through all that I do. I have masculine and feminine energy that I am proud of and I prefer to go by they/them pronouns. We all have different minds and hearts, and to classify one another as a part of a generalization feels to defeat of respect to diversity and inclusion for all.”

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