Halloween Costume Contest Winner

I am a Kraken from the sea!Not only can we make some pretty cool socks, we can also dress up like champs. This year we had: a crash test dummy, Bride of Frankenstein, all of KISS, a wind-up monkey, Babebraham Lincoln, Harry Caray, and, well, you should just check them all out here if you didn’t during the contest.

But, one of the costumes rose above the rest, like the waves of Davy Jones locker reaching above the masts of a powerful ship. Yes, our lovely Shannon won the contest with her “I am a Kraken from the sea!”

Shannon was inspired by our Squid-o socks and we think she did a pretty great job. Following tradition, we gave Shannon our creepy gnome trophy and all the $$ in petty cash.

photo 1



Thank you so much for voting in our contest and making our Halloween just that much better. If you couldn’t tell, we had a really great time.

We hope you had an amazing Halloween too. If you incorporated Sock It to Me socks into your Halloween costume contest, we’d love to see it!



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