Financial literacy is hot. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, Sunset High School students in Portland are about to get a good dose of financial literacy via Sock it to Me’s own Carrie Atkinson. As part of The Money Side of Life Tour put on by brass|MEDIA Inc., Carrie is joining in on the conversation, contributing her business-building sense to the next generation of economy-builders.

The tour, which will hit several high schools across Portland and Eugene, will feature a number of speakers who will share advice on everything from how to save for college to how to start your own business. Carrie will share strategy and advice alongside Brass|MEDIA Inc. CEO Bryan Sims, 26, who started his business at age 19, with the hope of helping young adults better understand money. Pretty noble mission, I’d say. Honestly, what better time to help young hopefuls learn good money manners than in April, during Financial Literacy Month?

UPDATE | After Carrie met up with BRASS|Media for another round (this time, at David Douglas High School), we got some great pics of the students sporting their new socks. (Thanks, guys! That was so special!!!)