Employee Profile: Kisa!

Kisa: Lifelong nerd, karaoke specialist, and Queen of the Warehouse.

Kisa is our Operations Manager and has worked for Sock It to Me for 6 years (since 2009). She’s responsible for supply chain management: from getting the socks to our warehouse through every step until they leave the building. One of Kisa’s favorite steps in that process is adding the trading cards we put into each order as a little “hello” to the customer.

When Kisa isn’t overseeing our socks’ journey in and out of our warehouse, she can most likely be found playing games or singing one of her favorite karaoke songs. Everyone at Sock It to Me has heard her Tyrone and can tell you it’s electrifying. Her love for table top games is no surprise as Kisa finds “statistics wildly exciting”. Glad we have her on our team!

Watch Kisa’s Employee Profile and more videos on our YouTube channel.

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