Lenora Gim

Name: Lenora Gim
Age: No comment!
Location: North Shore of Long Island, NY
Occupation: Mama, yoga guide and chaperone, photographer, significant other to my baby daddy

Lenora Gim is the type of mom that makes all of the other moms jealous. This editorial and portrait photographer has traveled the world, and now teaches yoga to adults and children in the seaside area of Long Island, New York. But her freelance photography career has included many heart-pounding moments that would probably shock the other parents in the PTA.

“One time I had my passport taken away at the airport in Beirut because someone on the photo crew had a passport stamp from one of Lebanon’s problem countries,” she recalls. “We were detained at the airport without knowing what was going to happen, then escorted around the airport by Lebanese soldiers carrying Uzis.  Luckily they allowed us to finally leave on the next flight to Paris…fifteen hours later.”As a child in New York she was inspired by fashion magazines in her grandmother’s beauty parlor. It was this obsession with fashion models that led her to seek out an internship at a modeling agency when she was in high-school. This internship led to a career as an assistant, and eventually as a freelance shutterbug herself.From to taking shots of Manhattan’s most salacious celebrities when she was in high-school, to  traveling with bedouins through the Lost City of Petra, Lenora’s career definitely required staying zen, hence how she developed her relationship with yoga. Later she became a registered yoga teacher, and now passes on the practice to yogis young and old.

As any busybody mom can attest to, it’s rare to have a day that’s considered routine. Other than waking her six year old, Mars, up at 7, her days are either filled with photo assignments, editing, production, or compiling sweet playlists her her various yoga classes. After Mars’ school day is done, Lenora is the magician behind all after-school magic, from playdates to storytime, and, of course, homework.

“Be inspired by the light of day. Settle, hold, and listen. Be patient. Good things will come!”Even with her seemingly effortless mastery of motherhood, Lenora doesn’t pretend that it’s easy. “These days, my mantra is ‘Breathe in light, breathe out the amp;*@^#!’,” she jokes. “In all seriousness, I love watching my son grow, develop, and evolve into the little guy that he is now. Of course, it will all change tomorrow. It’s exciting, it’s the most interesting work in progress.”And when it comes to adaptability, her freelancing careers only help her hone this skill. “Yoga and photography are very similar in so many ways,” she explains. “It’s all about gauging and working with different personalities, being able to adapt quickly and quietly to situations that might arise suddenly, having an open and flexible mind, and being personable no matter what internal fires are going on inside of me. And being physically flexible helps on photo shoots, you never know what small corner or tiny bathroom you may have to wedge yourself into to get that perfect shot. Yoga helps with that!”Lenora emphasizes the importance of patience and relationships in every aspect of her life, from motherhood to yoga and photography. “Reach out, make contact, create relationships,” she advises. “Be inspired by the light of day. Settle, hold, and listen. Be patient. Good things will come!”

Awesome! With her unique perspective we think that Lenora is one Cool Girl! You can check out her shots at lenoragim.com and see her on the mat at a local yoga class on Long Island!

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