Blast from the Past

We have three old sock styles that are up for re-joining the line and it’s up to you to decide which one makes it in! We asked each of the socks to make a short statement as to why they should be the one that comes back. Read their appeals below, make your decision, and place our vote here.

F0087Gummy Bears: As the only women’s sock up for reintroduction (and the most colorful), obviously all women who consider themselves bright should vote for me. What is happier than this kids’ treat? I’m your favorite treat and an adorable animal all rolled into one. I stand for the most things: candy, childhood, cute animals, and a TV show! What other style can boast that? I will show off your fun and funky side. I will let people know that you are full of whimsy from your head to your toes.

MEF0005Check Your Skull: I am the original helmet: skull. I look badass and will let people know not to mess with you. I am the oldest style up for re-introduction. I never got a fair chance to be loved. Give me a chance to be loved! The other two options are silly, dispensable things. I represent your skull, the thing that protects your brain (your most important organ) and the thing that makes your face pretty.


MEF01553-D Glasses: Movies look so much better with 3D glasses, and so do feet! Every time you wear me I will bring up memories of grand theatrical adventures, popcorn smells, and illusion. Plus, I’m full of science! I use light waves and color to enhance your movie viewing pleasure. Wearing me you are telling the world, “Hey! You don’t tell me how many dimensions I can see, I tell you!”

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