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Our First-Ever Trade Show Sock Exchange!

We flew back from the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas a few days ago – and BOY, are our arms tired! (Edit: We apologize about the corny joke – we just, frankly, couldn’t resist.)

Our swanky Sock Lounge!

The Pool Tradeshow is a show that was established in 2001 for the boutique market and leading retailers worldwide – AKA: perfect for us! There were a TON of awesome art and design driven brands for us to oogle at when we weren’t busy telling everyone with at least one ear about Sock It To Me and all of our super fresh styles.

One of the coolest ideas we’ve ever had (yes, we think we are THAT clever) is our idea to host a Sock Exchange during the tradeshow last week! We set up a very chillax Sock Lounge (hence the swanky leather couches in the picture) where people could take a load off, enjoy our displays and trade their boring, stinky socks in for a fresh pair of our funky ones!

Each person who was a part of our sock swap took a picture modeling their new pair and we put it up on our Instagram account. We made collage from a handful of some happy new feet – enjoy!:

Magic in the Making

It recently dawned on us that most people in the world are remiss to the concept of the trade show. Let it be said that trade shows are in fact the gas behind our engine. It’s where people find and discover us, and where a lot of the magic happens. Fittingly, most of that happens at Magic, the largest trade show known to man (well, the largest to us, at least).

Being a smaller, design-focused indie label, Sock It to Me set up shop in Magic’s POOLTRADESHOW, alongside other labels like Threadless (who brilliantly set up a ping pong table for guests to bank a few minutes of play time) and Maptote (who gave away hearty canvas totes silk-screened with a map of Vegas, complete with notable icons and landmarks).

To aptly capture the scene, POOL is like a massive marketplace of cool. Each wholesaler has a cube where they showcase their stuff, and it’s all about who can pull out the stops and do something radically different with their space, or present their goods in a unique way. We were excited to debut our brand new booth – an ultra lightweight/compact display for the hundred-plus pairs of socks that now don the Sock It to Me name.

Over the years, we’ve always had our greatest success at Magic. And this year was no different. In fact, it was our most successful show to date. Among the top sellers were the women’s Tree Owl, Dinomite, and Vampire Kiss, plus the vertically striped Rocket Ride and Love Luma. We also sold a lot of the men’s Octosock and Argyle Mustache.

Our newest SITM team member, Matt Stuart, also joined us at the show, saying later that he enjoyed being around the buzz and excitement for our brand. Truth be told, that enthusiasm is something we never tire of. Even though we didn’t see any star sightings this time around, we’re pumped to know that we’re loved and adored by the everyday kind of folk. Celebrities or not, we love our customers just the same! xo

Miss Paris Hilton spotted at Magic

p.s. If you’d like to catch more of the scene in action, take a peak at this scroll of images from last year’s POOLTRADESHOW, plus a few snaps from this year’s show, as well.