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A Year in Socks

January has been just ugly. We are so ready for a new month, a month that brings us closer to the shiny, sunny days of June. Shoot, even April looks good from this point. More days of light, at least.

Truth be told, we often think of the calendar year in terms of socks. For example, next month is when we open up our hearts for Cupid’s arrow (we have lots of heart styles, fyi!). Then there is Mustache March, April Showers, May Flowers… and so forth. It all makes perfect sense, don’t you think? (Well, it would if your lives revolved around socks, as ours do!) At any rate, this is it: A Year in Socks…

January – A time for cozy leg warmers
February – When Cupid arrives, of course
March – For Mustache March
April – As in yucky April showers and cute umbrellas
May – When buds are in bloom
June – When bikes just about outnumber cars in PDX
July – When all I want to eat is sushi, everyday
August – When your toes are always exposed
September – When the Schoolgirl returns
October – When Day of the Dead looms ahead
November – When deer hunting season begins
December – When we enjoy candy canes in all flavors!

Men’s Style

Our men’s styles are rockin the scene right now. In fact, it’s across the board. We’ve been watching the trend alerts and fun, colorful men’s socks have really gotten their share of love, as of late. ¬†Which is a relief. Because time and time again, our guy friends are spotted wearing boring, bland white socks that quite honestly makes us squirm in our boots. So if you are one such man – or you know one such man – take a gander at these four easy looks that suit all the young and hip types out there… and the older, classic types, too.

The Portlander: blazer, dark denim, bike socks, sneaks, and a cup of coffee
The Prep: Oxford, plaid tie, fitted vest, skinny trousers, Crow socks, leather ankle boots
The Dude: white tee, v-neck sweater, Lacoste jacket, striped socks, and twill cap
The Urbanite: fitted blazer, pink stripe tie, lightning bolt socks, and simple sneakers

Sexy Stripes

You know when you forget you have something in your closet and you re-discover it and re-fall-in-love with it like it’s brand spankin’ new? I love that. It’s kind of like when you find cash in the pocket of your day-four denim. Or when you recover a missing sock that’s been MIA for months. There’s something about it that just makes you want to celebrate.

Well that’s sort-of what happened the other day when I “re-discovered” my stripes. I mean, WOW. I had forgotten how dang sexy they are. Not only that, they are so sleek and comfy. And when I am having a “fat leg” day, they stretch better than any other style. It’s like butter. On your leg. In striped fashion.

Ok. So that’s a weird image. But that’s what happens when I get excited; I ramble. So instead of talking about them, I’ll just show you what I mean. Take this photo, for instance. Which ones really pop? I would argue the stripes do. I mean look at them! Sassy!!

If you’re like us and have called for a striped sock revival in your life, we’ve got a number of stripes to choose from. Whether you want bright stripes with a color-popping heel and toe:

Striped knee high socks


…or if you’re more of a simple, two-tone stripes kinda gal (or fellow):

… or maybe you prefer a multitude of stripes:


Believe it or not, there’s more! New this year are two additional stripe categories. One: Stripes featuring a “star” detail on the toe:

Or try one of three new styles in our fresh Curvy Girl line (made with extra stretch and stay-up power):

Any way you look at it, any style you choose, one thing is for sure:¬†stripes are back, baby. That’s right. We’re bringing sexy back. Consider this your memo. xo