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Sock Diaries – Day Four

So my brother participated in a golf tournie this past weekend… and what did he wear? Sock it to Me socks, of course. I love the look he created, with the plaid Bermuda shorts and sporty polo. Youthful, yet polished, don’t you think?

And for those of you who don’t recognize this design… it was actually specially crafted in limited quantities for web comic, R. Stevens of diesel sweeties. Check out his site, and this adorable pixel-fun tee with knitting graphic (want!).

Sock Diaries – Day Three

Just yesterday, my mum walked in to give me a hug, and the first thing I noticed was that she was wearing Sock It to Me socks! Now, I’ve given them as gifts over the years (obviously), but I just love to see my gifts actually put to use and, moreover, loved. It’s also warming to know that every time Mom looks into her sock drawer and sees her gift, she grins and thinks of me. (Thanks, mom!)

Even though she was trying to get out the door for work at the time, I made her sit down so I could snap a photo… how could she say no?

She’s so cute in her SITM socks! I forgot how much I love our polka dots! I think I need…

THEN, today unfolds and what it she wearing? Her apples! Precious, isn’t she?

Sock Diaries – Day One

Even if I hadn’t lived with SITM owner Carrie Atkinson, became best buds with her, and later joined the SITM team as Wordsmith Extraordinaire, I would still love Sock It to Me socks. They are my thing. My wardrobe necessity. My everyday staple. My trademark style piece well known among my friends. And honestly, the socks make me smile every time I put them on. No joke.

So while off visiting family in Minnesota, I thought it would be a good time to capture the everyday look I now know and love. Especially because my suitcase looks like this:

And because, well, I am bored. For as much as I love my family and Minnesota, I think three weeks is a little on the long side!

Day 1: Bicycles!

And if these pics aren’t enough to please you, then take a look at this super dorky video I made. Makes me giggle every time I watch it! (Hey, if you can’t dork out a bit, what is the point of life?!)