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2018 Geek pride Day

We searched the entire sock fortress and collected a few geeks for this year’s Geek Pride Day. While every day at SITM is overtly geeky we wanted to call special attention to this holiday, these geeks, and come together to celebrate all the weird stuff we’re passionate about. Below you will find how being super into something can lead to independence, creativity, and challenging yourself. Don’t forget to tell us what geeky stuff you’re into in the comments!

Coop Loves Harry Potter

Up until I discovered Harry Potter, there was nothing I loathed more than reading. I even went so far as to pretend to be allergic to dust in the 5th grade (fake sneezed to really sell it) so that I didn’t have to read the old books in class. I just wanted to re-read Harry Potter over and over. The wizarding world JK Rowling created filled my imagination. I was hooked. To this day (for me at least,) nothing has held up quite like Harry Potter has.

So when I met my wife, Alix, and her love for Harry Potter was on the same level as mine, I knew I had to do something special. The first HP related gift I made her was an engraved Platform 9 3/4 sign. After that, I knew I had to out-do myself for Christmas. So, I made her a kid’s book called “Alix Goes to Hogwarts.” I drew the pictures and wrote the whole thing, rhymes and all. I had it made into a hardback-bound book, so it looks like something you could buy at a bookstore. I guess she liked it. Seeing how we are now married. And we still listen to HP audiobooks on road trips. And we read HP books to each other before bed on occasion.

Annemarie Loves Plants

I have always grown up around plants, but it wasn’t until a  few years ago I decided my apartment was in need of some green and so I bought my first couple of houseplants.  One of those is still with me today! The obsession continued to grow and I now have over 30 in my apartment!

I have lost a lot of plants, but gained knowledge over the years and I think that is why I love it so much.  There is a constant learning involved, and I love that challenge.

I also love that they task me with maintaining a living organism and in turn provide me with clean air and a perfect decorating aesthetic.

The most rewarding thing is watching new growth happen and seeing them flourish!

Carina Loves Bikes

I first became a bike geek when I joined some friends on the 2010 World Naked Bike Ride. It was such a positive, inclusive event, and I learned that you don’t have to be an athlete to ride 5-10 miles. I started riding to work occasionally, and a year later got rid of my car.

As someone who was never athletic as a kid, I love cycling because it keeps me healthy and it builds confidence as I get faster and complete longer rides. When I first started out, I thought 5 miles was a long ride; now I can ride 50 miles while loaded down with camping gear. Being able to carry everything I need for a weekend camping trip without relying on a car makes me feel strong and independent.

Choosing the right gear also brings out my inner geek, and I’m happy to tell anyone who wants to know how clipless pedals changed my life, or debate the pros and cons of panniers versus a front basket or backpack. As much as the right gear can enhance your ride though, I want beginners to know that all you really need to be a bike geek is properly inflated tires, a helmet, and a positive attitude.

Bridget Loves Teddy Ruxpin

In the 1980’s, a brilliant inventor and former Imagineer tinkers with the idea of turning a teddy bear into lifelike toy that can read stories and sing to children while having all the realistic emotions while doing so. Ken Forsse spent decades building and fleshing out an entire world that would match the lengths of Tolkien for this bear – no, this Illiop.

I wasn’t born when the first Teddy Ruxpins hit shelves the holiday season of 1985. Nor was I around for the release of the rest of the Worlds of Wonder line of talking toys akin to Teddy. I don’t exactly have the same nostalgia that most adults have for this bear. I was a bit too old for his relaunch in 2006. However, I always dreamed of finding an original Teddy Ruxpin someday. He was everything I love: an animatronic, a ‘bear’, and a gentle storyteller.

Now that I’m an adult with fistfuls of cash and a lot more auction scouting skills, I find a lot of broken Teddy Ruxpin, Grubby, and other Worlds of Wonder toys that people have neglected to take care of for the past thirty years. I gladly welcome each broken friend in with open arms and I’m in the process of completing a workshop to return Ken Forsse’s hard work back to life.

Dre Loves Shoes

Hey! I’m Dre and I’m, what I call, a Sensible Sneakerhead. I’ve been fascinated by shoes ever since elementary school. I love how one seemingly small piece of fashion can vary so much in style, fabric, build, shape, etc. Oh and you can’t forget that great fresh shoe smell 🤤. Even the boxes they come in can be very cool and art in itself. My current collection sits around 20-25 pairs, so not crazy, but more than many people I know. I’m also not the type of person to collect shoes just to have them. I make sure to wear them, even if it’s only a few times a year (which is how I wear my nicer/flashier shoes because it rains so much here). If I had to pick my favorites shoes that I own, I would have to say my Crimson/Black Air Force 1’s (in my hand) that I got as a gift and my White/Cement Jordan 4’s (not pictured) that I waited in line for when they rereleased them a few years ago. I’m not sure what my next shoes will be, I do need some new running shoes…but I’m sure I’ll get some soon!

Cherice Loves Bob’s Burgers

I don’t remember how Bob’s Burgers came into my life but I’d like to think it was a magical, sun-shiny kind of day. In reality, I was probably just home with a cold watching TV. For this, let’s say it was the best day of my life.

Last summer, my husband and I were a part of those affected by the original episodes of Futurama getting removed from streaming. You know, those weird kids that can’t fall asleep unless Futurama is playing in the background. Thankfully Bob’s Burgers was there to help us cope with restless nights until another service picked it up. Now, we watch both!

We also found many of our friends were fans of the show so for last year’s holiday card I decided to draw it out in the same style and wished everyone a Happy Whatever because I really don’t mind what you celebrate, just as long as there’s food.

As my love for this show started to grow I developed a strange side effect; I became obsessed with collecting Kuchi Kopis. I mean, I’ve also got a Tina POP!, real burger recipe cards, shirts, OutNerdMe posters…so many things. But I needed Louise’s favorite toy and signing up for something that rhymes with “shmoot shmrate” was no help at all! They sent me a real Kuchi Kopi toy that lights up! I knew he couldn’t just sit around looking wall-eyed and adorable and so I burdened him with glorious purpose. He now gets placed in random spots throughout my home to surprise my husband and guests. Kuchi has hid in many places; around the corner in the bathroom, up in the pot hanger with his friend Xenie (the facehugger), in plants, in the middle of the hall you just walked down staring back at you…the possibilities are endless and I can’t stop myself. I WILL NEVER STOP! THIS IS ME NOW!

Now it’s your turn!
What do you geek out about?


2017 Geek pride Day

It’s hip to be a geek! Geek Pride Day is here again and we’re so excited to share our nerdom with you. Being a geek isn’t about knowing more than someone else. It’s about being really, really into something and wanting to share that love and appreciation with everyone who will listen. So, got a minute?

Angie Loves Supernatural

I am a total nerd for the show Supernatural. I started watching 2 years ago while I was visiting my best friend in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Her then 10 year old daughter got me watching it on a rather nasty weather day. I got hooked. For one thing it features some really hot guys, and it’s about vampires, demons, werewolves, Lucifer, angels, etc. I’ve become so obsessed with it I recently went to a 4 day convention in Seattle dedicated to the show where I got to meet all the stars. Best weekend of my life! 

Shannon Loves Dance

I’ve been a dance nerd my entire life and recently rekindled my love of ballet. I grew up classically trained in Russian, American Academy, and French ballet from age 5 to 21. In college I transitioned to dance team, lyrical, and modern. Post college I pursued Nia & Aya in order to learn how to love how my body moves at any size. Now after many years away, I have returned to ballet upon finding a Body Positive, Fat-Centric Modern Ballet Class offered by Zaftig Dance in Plus Size.

I also started and operated a ballet school my senior year of high school. I lived in a small town and didn’t care for the lack of professionalism found with the local dance performances. So, I decided to start Curtain Call Productions to share my years of classical training and experience with the local community. I had students ranging in age from 4 to 18 and we performed Cinderella for our finale that year. It provided me with great memories going into college, but sadly no longer had an instructor once I moved away for school.

Alicia Loves Shoes

Hi! My name is Alicia, and I’m a shoe nerd. I’ve collected shoes for 22+ years and am still living the dream today. Each shoe has a history and memory attached to it, like a time capsule in footwear form. Where did I find it? How much of a bargain was it?  What makes this shoe special; fabric, rareness, brand, color? What was my life like when I reached for this tiny gem on the shelf?

Each shoe in my collection is lovingly stored in individual boxes labeled with my hand drawn illustrations of the top and side views for easy identification. Admittedly, I have an infant daughter, a very light sleeper, whom I try NOT to wake before I leave for work. Thus getting dressed in the dark is a viable option and easily locatable shoes are a win. And also the drawings are really pretty, definitely a second win there.

I have loved many, many shoes. My favorite shoe is a red strappy sandal, with tonal psychedelic flowers and twill bows tied at the ankles. I purchased them promptly upon collecting my last paycheck from a job I highly disliked. Every time I wear them, #1. I get compliments and #2. I relive the happiness of quitting that job.  My oldest pair are my Mom’s 1970’s shoes, with a platform red leather sole and criss cross raffia straps. The raffia is tan with tiny, delicate woven flecks of primary colors. My best Goodwill-find; floral Dr Martens straight outta the 90’s. Second best Goodwill find; baby size Dr. Martins. An especially sentimental pair are my wedding shoes. They are ballet inspired; black satin high heels, with a shaped box toe (just like en pointe shoes!) and purple satin straps criss-crossing around the foot. 100% dreamy…. just like my hubby! I danced down the aisle and we got hitched in a very-purple lavender field 11 years ago.

My storage tips: I recommend storing shoes in boxes, so they have room around them on all sides. Shoes are made with materials meant to form around your foot’s shape as you “wear them in.” This is also true of any container you store them in over periods of time.  Unfortunately storing shoes in shoe trees, piles in bottom of your closet or inside hanging plastic closet “space spacers”, will all misshape shoes over time. Also any spot that continually touches the chosen storage container will rub off a shoe’s colors or textures. Not cool! Extra nerd credit is given for stuffing the shoe with tissue paper or cloth to keep the inner shape of the shoe stable when not being worn.

Bridget Loves Chuck E. Cheese

I know a handful of folks that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s probably have vivid nightmares about creepy animatronics and a big rat mascot lumbering around after terrified children. That, however, is not me. I absolute adore anything and everything Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz Pizza related. Look, I know it might seem strange but there are a lot of people out there not scared off by the animatronics. Heck, I’m fascinated by them.

That’s why I’m ecstatic that this year is the 40th anniversary of the lovable rodent and all his friends. Nothing excites me more than going into a Chuck E. Cheese with all the animatronics working and performing (I’ll even admit to having a teary eye every now and then because of it). There’s just something about the fact that we, as humans, have this incredible gift to design robots that can bring joy and happiness to people. The late 80’s were this sort of renaissance where family entertainment was being explored by different companies to see who could create the best franchise. CEC has been one of the longer standing ones aside from theme parks.

While Chuck has definitely gotten many redesigns over the years – even changing from a big rat to an accurately sized mouse – you can see how well the brand has changed over the years to cater to kids of that decade.

I think it’s amazing to find so many people all across the board, and from a large age range, that have fond memories of going to Chuck E. Cheese or even the people like me that love the animatronic family-friendly aspect of the restaurant.

SJ Loves Lord of the Rings

I’m a Tolkien geek (among other nerdy interests). My father got me into all things Middle Earth from a young age: I must have watched the animated hobbit VHS 100s of times, and reread the stories just as much. I have two LOTR related tattoos, I have all three extended edition LOTR movies, a beautiful Alan Lee illustrated hard cover edition, created lots of fan art over the years and a couple YouTube music videos. I look forward to extended edition parties (12 hours!) where I prepare dishes at the proper times as seen in the films. What I love the most about Tolkien’s world and its inhabitants is the hope and trust in community, love, and stewardship of the land. Samwise Gamgee is the true hero of this epic, and I’ll battle anyone who disagrees.

How are you a geek? Tell us below!