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Sneak Peak!

We can’t hide our excitement! Over the last two weeks, we’ve received an endless amount of submissions for our very first INTERNATIONAL design contest. Just as we’d hoped, we drew the attention of super skilled design pros from all over the world — from Iceland to India to Israel and beyond. Strangely, there is something about it that makes us want to travel… well, everything makes us want to travel, so that isn’t exactly fair.

But we just love the global interaction spun from the contest. We are intrigued to know the stories behind each person who submitted a design. Stories about their hometown, typical dinner fare, and quirks behind their nation’s political and social structures. But all we have are these designs. So we’ll soak up the value in that, and say THANK YOU to all of our fans and designers for making life so cross-culturally delicious here at Sock It to Me. xoxo

Stay tuned for the winning results, but for now, satiate your curiosity and take a gander at some of the MANY great submissions below. Enjoy!



Design Contest Goes International


You know that fun, Portland-only Design-A-Sock Contest that we ran in October? Well, guess what? We are doing it, again. But this time, we’re going international – with help from our fave UK-based pattern blog, called print & pattern. (You’re going to want to bookmark this site ASAP. We probably look at it seven times a day!)

We’re hoping to collect submissions from all over the globe, so everyone can participate!  Send us your submissions online starting Monday, February 15th. The contest will run for a week and a half – until February 26th. So start sketching, doodling and graphic-designing, because the winner of this sugar-sweet contest will get a $500 cash prize and sock produced! Find templates here: Templates

Starting on Monday, just send your e-submissions to design@sockittomesocks.com. We can’t wait to see ’em!!

RULES & RESTRICTIONS… No more than five entries per person. Designs must be the artist’s original creation and shall not be copied or duplicated from previously published art. The design is limited to a maximum of five colors. All colors must be flat and solid, with no shading, blending or half-tones. Simple is good. Patterns are good. Check out our website for designs that have worked in the past. The designs must fill the template provided online. Sock It To Me reserves the right to alter the design if necessary. Sock It To Me will not assume liability for any damage, loss or theft of any entry. Don’t forget to submit your name and email along with your designs.

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