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We heart Portland [designers]

It is no mystery that SITM headquarters are in Portland, Oregon. We know we talk about it a lot. You would too, if you lived here (and maybe you do!). Portland shines for a number of reasons, but when it comes to our united creative force, I would argue that we outshine most cities on the grid.

Over the years, we have employed about a dozen designers from our very own City of Roses. Whether it’s pirates or robots, veggies or manatees, the styles are fresh and funky, and some even capture Portlandia culture (like the bikes!). We’re so proud that we thought we would turn the spotlight on these fabulous few for making our style here at SITM really blossom. Make sure to check out all of our Portland-made styles here.

Anna Magruder is an artist and illustrator in Portland, Oregon. In 2009, Anna took a leap of faith and left the routine and security of her graphic design business to focus on what’s become her passion—oil painting and illustration. Her paintings often focus on people and animals and whatever lies between. When it comes to sock design, Anna likes the geeky-chic look that says, “Smart is sexy!” (which is true!), exemplified in her three SITM designs: Space, Octosock, and Mad Science.



Mad Science

Brenna Zedan now works as a sock enthusiast at the Portland-based Sock Dreams, but we like to think she whet her sock whistle back in 2006, when she began working with SITM in everything from design to warehouse work to product photography. She has had her hand in more designs than she can remember. Some, like the Dainty Dots and the Monkeys, were Carrie’s ideas that she worked into a format that the manufacturer could use. Other designs include the cool color combos in the Summer stripe and Mermaid stripe, and best sellers like the Ninjas, Whales, Pirates, Ice Cream Cones, Bears with Teeth, and Unicorns (her personal favourtie).





In PDX | Rooftop Runway Show + Local Boutique Showcase

Save the date, all of you fashion folk in PDX! This is a rooftop style event you won’t want to miss.

In fact, we are super excited to be a part of this swanky outdoor benefit event atop the roof of Portland’s Hotel deLuxe on Friday, July 9th. The “Up in the Air” Summer Affair celebrates six months of good work from our local style publication, The Neat Sheet, and we expect a big turnout… especially since it finally got nice and sunny here. From here on out, we plan on being outside at every opportunity!

So we hope to see you there, Portland. We’ll be the ones wearing the cute knee-highs (which you can buy at the event, btw).

Some details from The Neat Sheet:

What: The Neat Sheet Launch Party + Local Boutique Showcase to benefit Willamette Riverkeeper
When: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 9
Where: Rooftop of Hotel deLuxe (729 S.W. 15th Ave.; 503-219-2094)
Price: $10 donation (100% proceeds benefit Willamette Riverkeeper)


Take to the sky this July to party on the rooftop of Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland, when The Neat Sheet celebrates its official launch, taking pride in their new media endeavor and six months of hard work producing Portland’s only daily fashion + style news source. Together with the powerful marketing mavens of CRAVE Portland and 10 of Portland’s best boutiques, the evening will include a fashion show of summer styles on the rooftop runway, DJ and music, appetizers, cocktails from New Deal Vodka and Deco Distilling (with mixers provided by Vibe), beer from Kona Brewing and more neat stuff.

Alexis Del Cid of KOIN TV will emcee the event, which includes a summer fashion show of styles from local boutiques including Popina SwimwearMabel and ZoraParallelPhysical ElementIdomMoulé, Lizard Lounge, Solestruck, and Oh Baby. Attendees will also be able to buy raffle tickets to benefit Willamette Riverkeeper, and browse select local indie designer booths while shopping on site for local art, jewelry, body care and more…

… like fun, funky, wear-em-everyday socks! 🙂

Portland Pedalpalooza – Hott Sock II Ride

If you read my last post, you know that we here at Sock It to Me are avid bike fans,which is why we thought it essential to partake in the events surrounding Portland’s annual Pedalpalooza event. Calling it an “event”, however, strips it of its grandiosity, for this pedal-fest stretches for two long weeks in June, with dozens of themed bike rides per day.

Sounds fun, right? Oh it is. All you do is show up with your bike, your helmet, and your wallet, with the intent of uniting with strangers and friends over your shared afinity for something random. Be it donuts or sunsets, cowboys or knee-highs, it’s especially fun when there is a dress-code, from prom-wear to no-wear to footwear.

We can’t take credit for organizing this year’s ride for the footwear folk. In fact, we again thank Argyle Amanda for including us in the second annual Hott Sock ride, which met up in downtown Portland and traveled first to Sock Dreams and then to the SITM headquarters. We ordered up a keg of local, organic brew from Hopworks and threw together a hilarious relay race, crafty sock design table, and tons of sock prizes. It was a blast. Check out this video Kisa put together for us. It’s just a lil snapshot of all the action:

Here, also, is the Flickr photo stream of pics taken at the event by BikePortland.org: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bikeportland/tags/hotsockride2010/

Can’t wait for next year’s ride. We’re so ready. Mark your calendars!

Helmet Style for the Bike Betty

Okay, so this has nothing to do with socks. But it has everything to do with style, and that’s really what we sell here at Sock It to Me.

Plus, we live in Portland, and biking is to Portland as igloos are to the North Pole. They just go together. More than that, biking has become our identity. So of course we were upset when that identity was recently robbed by Minneapolis, who overthrew Portland as the “Best Bike-Friendly City” in Bicycling magazine’s annual list of pro-cycle cities. Well, the 2010 results have only encouraged us Portlanders to do everything we can to earn back our #1 spot next year. Personally speaking, I think it’s time to pull out all the stops and go for fashion bonus points. (Because style wins ’em over every time!)

Well, I found this flippin gorgeous helmet manufacturer who scored huge in my book for re-thinking a market that so needs some fashion love. I mean, come on, helmets are perhaps the ugliest thing I’ve ever adorned. How do you expect me to wear one without putting up a fight? (NOTE: I advocate protecting the noggin’ at all costs… no matter how ugly it can be.)

So thank you, Yakkay, for creating something pretty for us. I truly adore this helmet, the “Tokyo” style. It’s just precious:

Yakkay – Tokyo

And I also love the “Paris”… it’s uber hip and sexy, with everyday appeal and wear-ability:

Yakkay – Paris

I would also argue that there is a too-far-gone extreme to this fashion-forward helmet business. It looks something like this. I’m speechless…

From me (Becky) to you (general public), please don’t go too far, like this. But don’t take yourself too seriously, either. Just have fun (in a style-setter kind-of way).

Financial Literacy is HOT

Financial literacy is hot. Wouldn’t you agree?

Well, Sunset High School students in Portland are about to get a good dose of financial literacy via Sock it to Me’s own Carrie Atkinson. As part of The Money Side of Life Tour put on by brass|MEDIA Inc., Carrie is joining in on the conversation, contributing her business-building sense to the next generation of economy-builders.

The tour, which will hit several high schools across Portland and Eugene, will feature a number of speakers who will share advice on everything from how to save for college to how to start your own business. Carrie will share strategy and advice alongside Brass|MEDIA Inc. CEO Bryan Sims, 26, who started his business at age 19, with the hope of helping young adults better understand money. Pretty noble mission, I’d say. Honestly, what better time to help young hopefuls learn good money manners than in April, during Financial Literacy Month?

UPDATE | After Carrie met up with BRASS|Media for another round (this time, at David Douglas High School), we got some great pics of the students sporting their new socks. (Thanks, guys! That was so special!!!)