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The Sock It to Me “Behind the Scenes” Series: Take 4

Introducing one of the newest members to our amazing team – Tyson!  So far, Tyson’s proven to be an invaluable asset to our possé (hence his uber-important job titles!).


Name: Tyson

Position at SITM : Vice President in charge of Top Secret Warehouse Operations and Head Researcher for the Department of Animal Doodles

Years at SITM : Working on my First

Favorite pair of SITM socks : Multi Color Man Bolt

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words:

Kick it in the Recording Studio.
Have a 48 Hour Simpsons Marathon WITH audio commentaries.
Hang on the beach scouting UFO’s, waxing parapsychology, and wondering about the legitimacy of an Inter Dimensional Bigfoot theory.
Sometimes I do all those things at once.

What were you doing before you started working at Sock It to Me? Odd Jobbing, Road Tripping.
Did 5,000 + miles from KY to OR with my fiance’ and puppy dog. We hit Roswell, The Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, The Grand Canyon, Arches National Park, and more.. ..but basically this is just a fancy way to say we were living in a van. : )

One food item you could not live without : MEAT!

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens? You know, I’m not sure where I’ll be holding up – but wherever it is, I’m considering digging a moat….. and filling it with lava.

What sock do you with Sock It to Me had? Sasquatch DJ



Sneak Peek at the New SITM Catalog!

We’ve been busy busy bees over here at Sock It to Me! While most people are hanging out by the pool, we’re here unpacking socks and styling photo shoots, but you’ll never hear us complaining! We’ve got some of the best jobs in the world, and we’re (almost) always having a good time! So without further ado…. we’d like to share a sneak peek of our newest catalog with you! As we so often are, the inspiration for our new catalog came from all of the awesome Sock It to Me fans out there! You guys come in all shapes, sizes, and styles! You all use our socks in so many fun and interesting ways, we couldn’t think of a better way to showcase our socks than photographing the varied ways Sock It to Me’s are used by all of YOU! We are so grateful to have you in our orbit! This catalog is an homage to you! (applause!!! ) so thank you!



We said it and we meant it! Not only are we here to talk about what’s going on with us, but we’re also here to showcase all the Sock-o-philes out there!

So here we have it, straight outta Portland, Oregon our second Sock-o-phile – who was also a Design-a-Sock contest winner! In fact, a couple of sock monkeys made from her winning Calfinated sock design, were featured on our blog post about Pedalpalooza! But we digress….

Peggy Pfenninger: Go-Go Gadget Graphic Designer, Volunteer, Artist, & Awesome Sock Lady!


Peggy’s Winning Sock

1) Why do you love socks? What’s not to love? Socks are awesome…. They are functional and decorative!  I think socks tell a lot about a person.

2) How did you start your collection? The start of my collection wasn’t a conscious effort. When I was a pre-teen, my Aunt Nancy gave me a couple pairs of really cool socks for Christmas, I wore them all the time! Surprisingly, I still have one of those pairs in my collection. I like to call them my “Michael Jackson” socks. When I started working as a teenager, I would buy cool socks randomly, until one day I had more than would fit in one drawer. The collection kept on growing and still does.

“Michael Jackson” Socks

3) How many socks do you own? WOW! I knew I had a lot, but to answer this question accurately, I actually counted them all… 253 pairs as of 07/18/11.

4) You have so many socks. How do you keep them organized? I am a Capricorn and very organized. I used to sort my socks by color and keep each color in a separate drawer. That got to be too time and space consuming so now they are sorted by length and if they are solid color, they have their own drawer. Yes! I am a bit obsessive!

Peggy’s Sock Drawers

5) What’s your favorite pair? Are you serious? That’s like asking me what is my favorite flavor ice cream. Impossible to answer. I LOVE them ALL equally! I do tend to wear the SITM Fancy Pants black & silver stripe a lot, I also love rockin’ the SITM Portland Stripe and on a warmer day, a pair of Solmate ankle socks make my feet happy.

 Flying Socks

6) Do you pick the outfit then pick socks, or do you pick your socks and then your outfit?
This really depends on my mood and the day. Sometimes, I know what socks I want to wear the night before. Then in the morning I try to pick the outfit that will show them off best. Other days I wing it… I am really happy I live in Portland, Oregon where it is always sock weather! Capris are my favorite pants, they are versatile for our climate and show off my socks nicely!

7) Has anyone ever pulled a “sock” prank on you? All my friends know how I am crazy with the socks. I’m a volunteer board member of Art on Alberta, a local nonprofit. At one of our meetings, I was looking around at everyone’s feet and noticed every board member had on really cool socks. Usually it’s one or two…but that night it was EVERYONE! I wanted to say something, but didn’t want to interrupt the flow of the meeting until, finally I broke down and yelled out, “I can’t believe how awesome everyone’s socks are!!!” The room erupted in laughter… I was PUNKED! The President of the board sent an email around, excluding me, telling everyone to wear cool socks to see how long it would take me to say something. They were surprised I was able to control myself for about an hour.

If you want to be featured as a Sock-o-phile, just e-mail just at: press {at} sock it to me {dot} com! We can’t wait to hear from you!!

Sizzlin Summer Style

While we here in Portland are having mild temperatures, we realize that it is SUPER hot out there in most regions of the country! We really don’t know how you all do it?! So while we NEED our socks ALL year round, we realize there are times some of you need to put your socks on hold. Anyways, we were trolling some of our favorite style blogs looking at killer summer looks from coast-to-coast and wanted to share them with you! It almost helps us take a mini vacation. It’s like, if were visiting another rockin’ US city, we’d wear this…. From Portland to San Fran to LA and then east to NYC, you’ve got us inspired!



We like to see how the fun people of our city are spicing up their style! How cute is this orange dress? White Converse, headband and a BMX bike!! LOVE!!

(photo credit: PDX in the Street)

San Francisco

San Francisco and Bay area weather can be super unpredictable so we think Inspirafashion Blogger, Kathleen from Berkeley, CA has a great “laid back” look going that can handle surprise weather. (And of course, we LOVE her socks!)


(photo credit: inspirafashion)

Los Angeles

This 90’s style floral romper is scoring HUGE points with us! It is the perfect easy, breezy number for a hot summer day!

(photo credit: refinery29.com)



The lovely ladies of music group: Open Ocean have such cool, eclectic New York style to match their psychedelic music…. We’re loving their sound. Be sure to check them out!

Open Ocean

(photo credit: Kava Gorna + Gina Marinell for refinery29.com)

Sorry to all the guys out here! We got you next time! We promise! Girls…. what do you think about these summer styles? Pretty good huh? And it definitely seems like your Sock It To Me’s can be easily added to a bunch of these looks! Love it!  What’s your favorite summer look? Send a pic of it our way! Maybe we’ll add you to our next style post!


Giving Makes Us Glow

I’m sure you know what I mean when I say that giving makes us glow. There is something soul-satisfying about taking something that belongs to you and giving it away, just because you want to. Not because there is a tax deduction, and not because you’re told to. But because you want to share what you have with folks in need.

Over the years, we have really enjoyed lending our love and support to organizations that help educate and enrich lives. Here is a brief snapshot of the hearts and organizations we have given to. We hope you check them out and get involved, too! And remember: whether you have a single jacket to give away or a huge stack of books, the beauty of giving is priceless.

  • YouthCare (Seattle, WA) – With a mission to get homeless youth off the streets and prepared for life, YouthCare builds confidence and self-sufficiency for Seattle’s homeless youth by providing a continuum of care that includes outreach, basic services, emergency shelter, housing, counseling, education, employment training, and basic needs – like socks!
  • Campfire USA (Kansas City, MO) – With a heart for youth, Camp Fire USA creates an environment for youth to have life-enhancing experiences, and develop assets that are essential to their future. Children and families engage in all-inclusive, coeducational programs that build service and leadership skills, strengthen communities, and push youth to learn about the environment around them and what they can do to preserve it.

  • >The Girls Rock Camp (Portland, OR) – With a year-round music institute plus summer camps for teenage girls and weekend day camps for women, this nonprofit uses music and performance to build self-esteem and confidence in women. In their mission to encourage social change and the development of life skills, they provide workshops, technical training, leadership opportunities, and a supportive community of peers and mentors.
  • >Transition Projects Inc (Portland, OR) – As the beneficiary of a Sock Drive hosted by the city of Portland, this organization aims to serve people’s basic needs as they transition from homelessness to housing. Serving more than 9,000 people each year, they seek to see change as well as stir community awareness and compassion.
  • Mangrove Fund (Portland, OR) – Supporting sustainable development in Haiti years before the 2010 tsunami took its devastating toll, the Mangrove Fund ultimately seeks to equip and empower already established organizations that pour love and resources into impoverished Haitian communities and the thousands of orphaned children that reside there.