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100 Cool Girls on More Good Day Oregon!

More Good Day Oregon visited Sock It to Me Headquarters to talk Cool Girls. Supporting women is something we live and breath at Sock It to Me, so we loved getting one more chance to chat about the Cool Girl movement we’ve been running for over 8 years.

Carrie and Molly celebrating 100 Cool Girls!
Carrie and Molly celebrating 100 Cool Girls!

We’ve been featuring inspirational women and girls since 2009 and we recently hit a milestone: 100 Cool Girls highlighted.

Read more about the 100 Cool Girls on our blog (where you can nominate inspirational women in your life) and hear more about our movement in our interview with More Good Day Oregon:

More Good Day Oregon Cool Girl Interview with Sock It to Me

Contest Love

Here we go again… contest time! As we sort through the pile of submissions from our Annual Design-A-Sock Contest (see below), we are reminded of how much we enjoy the interaction with our customers and neighbors here in Portland.

This is ONE day's stack of contest submissions... and that's just snail mail!

It seems the joy is mutual, when we began to look at the love notes attached with some of the submissions. How blessed to have so many friends out there who tell us “Sock It to Me” is an everyday part of their conversation… and wardrobing. But speaking of love notes, we just have to share this one, because it is so flippin adorable (and kind)…

“I am a huge fan of SITM, and I own over 35 pairs of your socks!  I have worn them in more than ten different countries around the world!” … “I wear them when I climb at my gym 4 days a week. I wore them scuba diving in Thailand. I wear them paragliding in the Alps and the Himalayas and other mountains around the world. I wear them long boarding around Portland. I wear them doing everything!” -Spydermonkee

[Thanks, Spydermonkee! We want pictures!]

We also wanted to share a few of the submissions which have come in. These aren’t necessarily chosen candidates for Grand Prize Winner. But they might be! We just grabbed a few at random (because random is our middle name).

If you’re a Portland area resident, you still have two full days to get some designs our way! (So there is no excuse!) Just send em in via email (designcontest@sockittome.com) or snail mail (Design Contest, 5100 SE Harney #1, Portland, OR 97206), and make sure to review our rules and regs before you begin!

Elena Curtin's SUSHI YUM YUM
Lori Ellis' KEYHOLES
Matt Gauck's TRICYCLE
Jay Winebrenner's SCORPION
Spydermonkee's PARASOCK

Local Design-A-Sock Contest Returns for 4th Year!

Ohhhh Portland, how we love your sweet design skills. That is why, year after year, we give the local lads a chance at sock stardom with the Annual Design-A-Sock Contest, now in its fourth year. Not to be confused with our international design contest (which we ran earlier this year), this one is for the locals… because Portland pride runs strong in these parts.

With little over a week to craft and submit 5 unique designs, we expect to see Portlanders all over town with torn-out templates in tow, designing and sketching as they dine over breakfast, commute on the Max, and break for lunch along the waterfront. After all, the Grand Prize Winner will receive a whopper of a check ($500), not to mention bragging rights and TEN brand new, hand-chosen pairs of Sock It to Me socks. Just imagine how colorful your sock drawer will be…

The nitty gritty: Portland residents can find the Design-A-Sock template online at www.sockittome.com or rip-out options in both The Portland Mercury and Willamette Week starting on Wednesday, September 8th. Final design submissions are due by 5pm on Friday, September 17th. Entrants can submit up to five original, not previously published works. Prizes are offered for First Place ($500 + 10 pairs of socks + production of sock), Second Place ($100 + five pairs of socks) and Third Place ($50 + three pairs of socks), with room for “bonus” winners whose designs could be chosen for incorporation into Sock It to Me’s line of socks for men or women. Submissions can be sent via email (designcontest@sockittome.com) or snail mail (Design Contest, 5100 SE Harney Dr.  #1, Portland, OR 97206). For all contest rules and regulations, please visit www.sockittome.com.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see your submissions!

p.s. If you need some inspiration, here are a few submissions that made their way into our hearts earlier this year:

We heart Portland [designers]

It is no mystery that SITM headquarters are in Portland, Oregon. We know we talk about it a lot. You would too, if you lived here (and maybe you do!). Portland shines for a number of reasons, but when it comes to our united creative force, I would argue that we outshine most cities on the grid.

Over the years, we have employed about a dozen designers from our very own City of Roses. Whether it’s pirates or robots, veggies or manatees, the styles are fresh and funky, and some even capture Portlandia culture (like the bikes!). We’re so proud that we thought we would turn the spotlight on these fabulous few for making our style here at SITM really blossom. Make sure to check out all of our Portland-made styles here.

Anna Magruder is an artist and illustrator in Portland, Oregon. In 2009, Anna took a leap of faith and left the routine and security of her graphic design business to focus on what’s become her passion—oil painting and illustration. Her paintings often focus on people and animals and whatever lies between. When it comes to sock design, Anna likes the geeky-chic look that says, “Smart is sexy!” (which is true!), exemplified in her three SITM designs: Space, Octosock, and Mad Science.



Mad Science

Brenna Zedan now works as a sock enthusiast at the Portland-based Sock Dreams, but we like to think she whet her sock whistle back in 2006, when she began working with SITM in everything from design to warehouse work to product photography. She has had her hand in more designs than she can remember. Some, like the Dainty Dots and the Monkeys, were Carrie’s ideas that she worked into a format that the manufacturer could use. Other designs include the cool color combos in the Summer stripe and Mermaid stripe, and best sellers like the Ninjas, Whales, Pirates, Ice Cream Cones, Bears with Teeth, and Unicorns (her personal favourtie).