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More on the NYC SITM Event!

As promised we’re back this week reporting more on our AWESOME event in NYC!  Check out our display. Loads and loads of SOCKS! We’re in Heaven!!!

Sock It to Me Welcome Table!
THE Display!
Socks, Socks, Socks!
More Socks!

Take a peek at some of our news friends…. We were so lucky to have some of NYC’s finest come to our event! Bloggers: Tineey, Eye4Style, and Fashion Fingerprint stopped by! We also met ladies from Zink Magazine, Real Simple, Teen Vogue, and Betty Confidential. Everyone chatted about which sock styles they liked best over sock shaped cookies and champagne! We’re so glad we have designs to suit everyone’s fancy!

Fashion Fingerprint, Simcha, and Eye4style stopped by to hang with us!
Sock It to Me(s) as Cookies!
Lovely Ladies from: Zink Magazine, Fashion Fingerprint and Project Alabama!

Everyone was loving their nail art  – buttons and mustaches to match some of our sock styles!

Jenni from Antenna Magazine Rocking her nail art!
Sara from "O" Magazine stopped by for a quick Mani!
Blogger Tineey's Loving Her Nails
Renee Shows off her nails!

What a fun time! A summer afternoon of socks, snacks and signature nail art! It doesn’t get much better than that and there’s more excitement to come! August is such a busy time for Sock It to Me…next week we’re off to Vegas for the tradeshow to beat all tradeshows — MAGIC! It’s always good to see some of our retailers from all over the world and make new friends.


Sock It to Me in NYC

We just had a chance to take a breath, and do a quick post about our very first press trip to NYC! One of our amazing New York City retailers, Therapie NY, allowed us to set up in her Upper West Side store (Thanks Renee)! She gave us free reign to make a Sock It to Me HAVEN in a section of her spacious, super cool store! We had an extra-special treat for all our guests too! We partnered up with the talented nail artists from the Lower East Side salon, Valley, to do signature Sock It to Me nail art! All our attendees got their nails done to match their socks!

Carrie getting Nail Art
Carrie and Her Button Nails!













It was a whirlwind and boy oh boy are we EXCITED!  We got to share our product line with a bunch of New Yorkers, and now we have so many new friends! It was such a treat, and I think we helped make the streets of NYC at bit more fun (less black, More SOCK IT to ME!) We promise to post more photos and details soon!!


Sizzlin Summer Style

While we here in Portland are having mild temperatures, we realize that it is SUPER hot out there in most regions of the country! We really don’t know how you all do it?! So while we NEED our socks ALL year round, we realize there are times some of you need to put your socks on hold. Anyways, we were trolling some of our favorite style blogs looking at killer summer looks from coast-to-coast and wanted to share them with you! It almost helps us take a mini vacation. It’s like, if were visiting another rockin’ US city, we’d wear this…. From Portland to San Fran to LA and then east to NYC, you’ve got us inspired!



We like to see how the fun people of our city are spicing up their style! How cute is this orange dress? White Converse, headband and a BMX bike!! LOVE!!

(photo credit: PDX in the Street)

San Francisco

San Francisco and Bay area weather can be super unpredictable so we think Inspirafashion Blogger, Kathleen from Berkeley, CA has a great “laid back” look going that can handle surprise weather. (And of course, we LOVE her socks!)


(photo credit: inspirafashion)

Los Angeles

This 90’s style floral romper is scoring HUGE points with us! It is the perfect easy, breezy number for a hot summer day!

(photo credit: refinery29.com)



The lovely ladies of music group: Open Ocean have such cool, eclectic New York style to match their psychedelic music…. We’re loving their sound. Be sure to check them out!

Open Ocean

(photo credit: Kava Gorna + Gina Marinell for refinery29.com)

Sorry to all the guys out here! We got you next time! We promise! Girls…. what do you think about these summer styles? Pretty good huh? And it definitely seems like your Sock It To Me’s can be easily added to a bunch of these looks! Love it!  What’s your favorite summer look? Send a pic of it our way! Maybe we’ll add you to our next style post!