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Come Join the Party!

The best thing about a Sock It to Me party is everyone’s invited! That’s why we gathered up all our new knee highs, crew socks, STRETCH-IT™s, and kids socks to one party to start the year out on the right foot. Read on for some behind the scenes secrets: what inspires us and our new styles.

Dance All Night

Our new sock styles were inspired by bright colors and brighter vibes. Sure the days are short, but they are getting longer every day! While we wait, we bring the brightness with us. For these new sock styles we thought: neon lights, balloons (both mylar and regular), and glitter EVERYTHING. Anything that reflects light is an inspiration because we have to use what little light we have. If you’ve got something, shine it!

Send a positive message across the dance floor and beyond in Hands Across Calves knee highs and STRETCH-IT Pride & Fabulous knee high socks. These are bold purple socks with an even bolder statement. And Pugasus, part pug, part pegasus—there’s a pup on a crew sock who knows how to flaunt what he’s got. But the party’s not over until everyone’s clinking glasses in the classy Socktail Hour men’s crew socks and striking poses in our men’s Say Cheese.

Play All Night

New fantasy and gaming socks for women, men, and kids featuring pandas, dragons, dolphins, spaceships, and a cinderella story.Nostalgia’s the game and we’re great at it. Growing up is for adults, so leave that to them and the fun and games to us. Our designs are inspired by what we do in real life, gathering around tables to eat and play!

Winter is the perfect time to share a meal and strategize. We love losing ourselves in boardgames and video games. It’s a fun way to escape, but also dial in our real life problem solving skills. Join us for a game or two in men’s crews Beware of Dragons and Intergalactic to hone your inside geek! (and your fantasy can become a reality too).

Music box ballerina socks for kids paired with ballerina shoes.We love to dress up and play pretend. Living your fantasy life during the winter can help keep things bright, and a little disguise can go a long way. But we’re not hiding in Happily Ever After, we’re living our own fairy tale lives! We’re all the the hero of our stories in these knee highs! Your little one can have big dreams in Tiny Dancer—straight from the music box onto the stage. These kids ballerina socks are available in youth crew and junior crew. Everyone can play dress up in Dancing Dolphin socks, inspired in part by our old sticker collections and part by our dream vacations. These Hawaiian sunsets on a sock are available in women’s crew, youth crew, junior crew, and toddler crew.

Care All Night

Bearly sprinkled bear socks for women, kids, and toddler.

When it’s cold and dark outside, we gather together for warmth and cheer. Sometimes we grab some matching socks too, so if we’re not near, we can stare at our feet, think of those we love, and smile. Bearly Sprinkled (inspired by a child’s drawing) is the perfect fit. With styles in women’s crew, youth and junior crew, and toddler knee high the whole family can wear them together or apart. Darker days can easily turn to darker moods, but bright styles and bright smiles can help when you surround yourself with those you love, even if it’s just a totem.

And whatever you do, stay you, stay positive, stay weird!

Can You Guess How Many Socks Are In the Container?

Ahhh – delivery day is such an exciting time at the Sock It to Me headquarters!  It’s like the holidays all over again!  We can’t wait to get our hands on those socks – the ones we spent hours pouring over the precise combinations of materials to create just the right amount of stretchiness or the color pallets to choose the perfect colors to really make the design POP.  Of course, this time was no different – especially because it contained our special holiday releases!  (There’s nothing more that we love than our socks, although the holidays are a CLOSE second – so what better combination could there be?!)

We patiently (and not so patiently at times) waited for the container to make its 11 day journey from Busan Port in South Korea ALL the way to the Port of Portland.  When the container FINALLY made its way to the Sock It to Me warehouse, we rallied the troops and got ready for the real labors of love – MANUAL labor.

The shipping company gives us 1 hour to unload ALL of the boxes before they start charging.  Once we got over the initial overwhelming feelings (“How could we unload ALL of them in just an hour?!”), we got down to business, and it quickly turned into a madhouse of boxes being lifted, dragged, and shoved into the warehouse.

Once the boxes were all unpacked, and the truck finally pulled away, we laid there rejoicing in our record unpacking time, catching our breaths, and wondering if we’d ever be able to feel our biceps again.  We LOVE to have a part in every single step of the designing process (including the unpacking – even though we sometimes change our minds when we’re actually unloading the truck).  As recovery set in, we started chatting about our amazing unpacking feat (once you’ve unloaded a 40ft container, you’ll feel amazing too!) and discussed just how many socks we had just carried.

And now we’d like to include YOU in the conversation – can you guess how many socks we unloaded from the container that day?!  Remember that it was a 40ft container!

Here are the rules:

        1. Entrants should EMAIL their guesses to press@sockittome.com.  Please include your name and guess.

        2. Entrants have until midnight on Thursday, November 17th to submit their guesses.

        3. Submissions should include how many PAIRS of SITM’s are in the container.

        4. The winner who guesses the closest to the exact number of socks will receive 4 pairs of Sock It to Me’s!

Check out the pictures of our team in action!

The BIG Reveal!


Halfway there!


Almost done!


Standing proudly in front of our work!




New socks! Lots of them.

It’s that time when a new round of socks come in to enliven our supply of feet treats. Not that we dislike any of the other socks on our shelves, but it’s just so exciting to get new stuff. And we are super smitten with this lineup of fresh styles. Some come from past design contests (both global and local to Portland) and some styles come from the ol’ idea bank (always dreaming, we tell you). We hope you like them as much as we do. Because if you don’t… well, it’s just pointless for us to go on now, isn’t it? Thankfully, we get to dream big because you dream big. So thanks for that!

Annnnnd if you have your own creative bank stocking up fun design ideas, please take note of our 2nd International Design-A-Sock Contest, just around the bend now. So get online, grab the template here, and then start creating. It’s that easy! Well, there are some rules and regulations… so take note of the online version and stay tuned for more details soon.

There is something about a pig wearing a cape that gets us giggling. Oh “Super Pig” we heart you!
A pretty print for the calf, this “Peacock II” sock is nothing short of delightful!
What is more adorable than a sweet, smiling acorn face? One that speaks love!
The “Clover” is fit for celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day in style!
“You have the key to my sock” designed by Portland designer-of-the-moment, Andrea Arbuckle.
Our “I heart Oregon” sock gives a special nod to our hometown fans who gave us love since day one.
Introducing the men’s “Honeycomb” sock, in just the right colors and all the right fun.
This ultra retro car design comes from our 4th annual Design-A-Sock contest… and rocks!
Because it’s fun and makes us laugh, the “Strong Man” isn’t just for men who like to pump iron.
Knowing guys never really get out of that monster phase, this “Monsters II” sock is to be a sure hit.
After receiving major kudos for the original Birds on a Wire sock, we decided to go crew length, too.
The “Caged Bird” hosts a variety of birdcages for the sweetly chirping birdies to call home.
We all had them as little girls… or wanted them. Now you can have “Nesting Dolls” on your feet!
Oh “PB & J”… Look how good you look together! We’re happy for you, and will forever have a place for you in our hearts.

For the CURVY girls… we finally have restocks of some original “Curvy” styles, plus two new styles to introduce, as well. Unforch, we couldn’t upload the photos, so if you don’t mind, please link to our website here for photos and ordering info.

Happy shopping, everyone! xoxo

Sexy Stripes

You know when you forget you have something in your closet and you re-discover it and re-fall-in-love with it like it’s brand spankin’ new? I love that. It’s kind of like when you find cash in the pocket of your day-four denim. Or when you recover a missing sock that’s been MIA for months. There’s something about it that just makes you want to celebrate.

Well that’s sort-of what happened the other day when I “re-discovered” my stripes. I mean, WOW. I had forgotten how dang sexy they are. Not only that, they are so sleek and comfy. And when I am having a “fat leg” day, they stretch better than any other style. It’s like butter. On your leg. In striped fashion.

Ok. So that’s a weird image. But that’s what happens when I get excited; I ramble. So instead of talking about them, I’ll just show you what I mean. Take this photo, for instance. Which ones really pop? I would argue the stripes do. I mean look at them! Sassy!!

If you’re like us and have called for a striped sock revival in your life, we’ve got a number of stripes to choose from. Whether you want bright stripes with a color-popping heel and toe:

Striped knee high socks


…or if you’re more of a simple, two-tone stripes kinda gal (or fellow):

… or maybe you prefer a multitude of stripes:


Believe it or not, there’s more! New this year are two additional stripe categories. One: Stripes featuring a “star” detail on the toe:

Or try one of three new styles in our fresh Curvy Girl line (made with extra stretch and stay-up power):

Any way you look at it, any style you choose, one thing is for sure: stripes are back, baby. That’s right. We’re bringing sexy back. Consider this your memo. xo

New Styles!

Last week, we were just hanging out at the office, going through pages and pages of Design Contest submissions when Mr. FedEx Man arrived. Now, this man comes and goes on quite a regular basis. But we knew it, right when we saw him; he had something good.

As it turns out, we were right. He came bearing a big ol’ box stuffed with of all our new styles. As we four SITM gals gathered to rummage through the box, it was like Christmas, and we all had our faves. For me, it was love at first sock. There, right on top, was my fave: the crafty sock, a colorful sock with an all-over mess of knitting needles, yarn and scissors. Just wearing them made me want to host a Stitch-N-Bitch ASAP. With wine. And baguette. And all my girlfriends (naturally).

We know you want to see all of the newbies, too. So voila! Enjoy the eye candy. xo

p.s. We’ll be adding these to our site (plus our restocked socks that we sold out of) within the next day or two, so you can place your orders soon!

So fun! Eyeglasses, Butterflies, Cowgirl Boots, Mushrooms
Precious Manatees, Flashing Camera, Crafty, and Lightning Bolt (in fuchsia!)
Men’s styles: Eyeglasses, Brews (love!!), Flashing Camera, T-Bone Steaks
Crew length love!