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Today’s the day! National Self-Confidence Day is here!

How are you today? Are you feeling confident? Don’t worry: there’s no rule that says you have to be confident on National Self-Confidence Day.

If you are confident, great! If you’re not confident, that’s OK! For lots of us, it’s not easy. It takes time. The opinions we hold about ourselves are so deeply ingrained that they’re difficult to change. But you should know that the point of today is not to pretend to be confident. The point of today is to plant the seeds of real confidence.

Let’s begin by making a personal inventory of all the reasons you should be confident. Maybe you just aced an exam. Maybe you just started working out at the gym. Maybe you’re a world champion boomerang thrower. Maybe you have a close-knit group of friends. Maybe you’re a world champion knitter. Maybe you know how to make a sandwich nobody else knows how to make. Or maybe you’re nice to people. All of these things are worth celebrating–if they’re you.

Look for simple confidence-boosting tips and tricks you can do. These will help nurture the seed. We wrote down some ideas in our recent blog, Five Easy Tips for Self-Confidence, but the important part is figuring out which strategies work for YOU.

And for everyone who woke up feeling confident today, that’s awesome! It’s a great feeling, no? Don’t you want to help others experience it? It can be as simple as passing along a confidence-inspiring message to a friend or loved one. Let them know you believe in them. A simple comment takes barely any effort, and it can have a huge impact on them.

You may also consider taking it a step further and talking about confidence with someone on a deeper level. If you know someone who struggles with confidence, one comment probably won’t be enough to change their perspective, but you can make a difference by sitting down and having a conversation. Letting them know what a big difference confidence can make in their life, and how it’s possible to make the change, could be their impetus to start seeking confidence-inspiring strategies of their own.

The most important thing to remember about National Self-Confidence Day is that the point is not to feel confident today and forget all about it tomorrow. The point is to inspire long-term, lasting change for as many people as possible. And we want you to know that you’re awesome, and we appreciate your help.

Five Easy Tips for Improving Self-Confidence

“Be confident.” On one hand, this is good advice for any situation. But also, if you could be confident on command you would be all the time, right? People don’t lack confidence because they don’t want to be confident. For the most part, they lack confidence because they don’t know how to be. The good news, according to many leading psychologists and confidence experts, is that confidence is a skill. If you practice the right strategies, you can get better at it.

With National Self-Confidence Day coming up on March 26th, it’s a good time to talk about some of these strategies.

How about some mood music?

Confidence is a skill, but it’s also a feeling. And few things have the power to change how you’re feeling as quickly and effectively as music. Use that to your advantage. Think about different songs that affect you in different ways–songs that pump you up and songs that make you feel creative, songs that make you feel social and songs that make you feel focused–and how they could give you with the right kind of confidence for a certain situation. The next time you need some confidence to-go, you’ll have the perfect song at your fingertips.

You feel great when you’re wearing your favorite clothes

It’s an unfortunate reality that people we meet will judge us by our appearance, but we’re guilty of doing it to ourselves, too. If you’ve ever noticed that you’re nicer to yourself when you like how you look, that’s called the enclothed cognition effect. When you wear clothes that fit well, you feel comfortable, and that changes how you carry yourself. When your clothes reflect your personality, it contributes to feelings of acceptance, which makes a big difference in how you interact with people.

Practice positive self-awareness

The more you understand about yourself at your deepest core level, the easier it is to summon self-confidence. Think about what you believe in, and live your life based on those guidelines. Take pride in the things you’re good at and the friendships you’ve built—you’ve earned them, and nobody can take them away. Be honest with yourself—but not in a negative way. If you can master the fine balance between being realistic but not overly critical, you will have a strong foundation upon which self-confidence can be built.

Start small and work your way up

If you search “confidence boosters,” you’ll find hundreds of lists offering dozens of tips like “Smile” and “Get plenty of sleep” and “Drink lots of water,” which, sure, probably can’t hurt. What we mean here, however, is to set your sights on a large goal. Then, before you set out to slay the dragon, think about similar but smaller and easier tasks you can complete. Knocking out these tasks will give you practice and experience. The feeling of accomplishment in achieving the smaller goal will make you feel like the larger goal is also attainable.

Stop listening to the negative lies your brain is telling you

Negativity can be tempting. When you think something good might happen, it’s a huge letdown when it doesn’t. Whereas if you trick yourself into believing you absolutely cannot accomplish your goal, you have an easy excuse not to even try. When you think of it in these terms, it becomes painfully clear that negativity is nothing more than a defense mechanism. And this particular defense mechanism exists to protect you from disappointment, not to tell you the truth. When you’re being pessimistic, it’s easy to believe that you’re actually being realistic. It’s weird to think about: sometimes your brain doesn’t want what’s best for you. But it’s true.

We hope some of these ideas will help light a flame of confidence that will one day grow into an inferno. If not, remember that self-confidence comes from many different places and different strategies will work better for different people. If these ideas aren’t your kindling, keep looking! We promise it will be worth it.

National Self-Confidence Day is March 26th. Get Excited!

Update: check out the official website for National Self-Confidence day!

Do you remember how you spent National Self-Confidence Day last year? That’s a trick question. We just invented National Self-Confidence Day this year. It’s happening on March 26th. It’s going to be awesome. Everyone’s invited. You’re definitely invited.


You probably have lots of questions. Well, we make expressive socks and underwear to fill you with colorful confidence. Over the years, we’ve been lucky to witness firsthand the kind of transformative power self-confidence can have on people. Feeling comfortable in your own skin, believing in yourself, is something to celebrate! That’s why we started this long-overdue holiday.

How do you get involved with National Self-Confidence Day?

First, be confident in yourself. This holiday is all about spreading confidence to everyone, but let’s start with you. Everyone has at least one thing that should inspire self-confidence. What are you good at? What do you like to do for fun? What makes you proud? These are great places to start. Maybe you’re an amazing mom. Maybe you hiked to the top of a really steep hill last weekend. Maybe you’re so smart you swept an entire category in Jeopardy! The list goes on and on. Whatever your reason, it’s reason enough to look in the mirror and say, “I believe in you.”

Confidence is contagious. Let’s spread it to as many people as possible. There are so many ways to do that. Call or text a friend and let them know you believe in them. You never know when someone needs to hear something just like that and how big of an effect it can have on their confidence.

We have lots of fun and inspiring activities planned throughout the day.

We want you to send us #selfieconfidence photos! Take a picture of yourself and tell us a bit about what self-confidence means to you. Be sure to post it online with the hashtag #selfieconfidence because we’ll be sharing our favorites all day long on our website.

Show us your #selfieconfidence!

The Sock It to Me team will also be on the ground in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, spreading confidence one personal interaction at a time. We’ll be sharing stuff throughout the day, with stories and ideas about what self-confidence means to people on an individual level.

Self-confidence is so important in so many ways. It lurks in the background for every decision we ever make. But here’s the thing: it’s not that some people are born with the gift of self-confidence while others are cursed to doubt themselves at every turn. It’s a skill. Even if you’re not a natural at it, you can get better. And we’re here to help however we can. March 26th, the first-ever National Self-Confidence Day, is one more step on that journey.