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Men’s Style

Our men’s styles are rockin the scene right now. In fact, it’s across the board. We’ve been watching the trend alerts and fun, colorful men’s socks have really gotten their share of love, as of late.  Which is a relief. Because time and time again, our guy friends are spotted wearing boring, bland white socks that quite honestly makes us squirm in our boots. So if you are one such man – or you know one such man – take a gander at these four easy looks that suit all the young and hip types out there… and the older, classic types, too.

The Portlander: blazer, dark denim, bike socks, sneaks, and a cup of coffee
The Prep: Oxford, plaid tie, fitted vest, skinny trousers, Crow socks, leather ankle boots
The Dude: white tee, v-neck sweater, Lacoste jacket, striped socks, and twill cap
The Urbanite: fitted blazer, pink stripe tie, lightning bolt socks, and simple sneakers

Gifts Inspired by the Rain

It’s ultra rare for snow to fall in Portland. Instead, we have these heavy downpours that require rainboots and hooded jackets… and, dare I say it, umbrellas. And if you haven’t already heard, Portlanders don’t use umbrellas. Pride aside, this December weather is downright disgusting. Thus it is time for the umbrella. And if you must sport an umbrella, it needs to be a chic one.

For all of the sloppy wet days that make me gripe, I thought it would be fun to bring you a gift guide inspired by Portland’s most predictable friend.


Heart umbrella, $29.99 at ModCloth:

Umbrella earrings, $12 at Presents of Mind:

Kate Spade wellies, $125 at Zappos:

Right as Rain knee high socks, $7.50 from Sock It to Me:

“Singing in the Rain” macbook decal, $10 by Krazy Kutz at ArtFire Housewares:

Rain cloud necklace, $34 by DoughLadyDesigns on Etsy:


Shroud of Purrin softshell, $335 from Nau:

Waterproof messenger bag, $85 from Manhattan Portage:

“Big Bright Blue Rain on a Black Tee,” $25 by Ahpeele on Etsy:

Tretorn Strala Vinter rain boot, $44 at Zappos: