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This is how we do it, do it

The life of a sock design is very intriguing. Most people don’t realize that it can often take a full 90 days to bring the concept to the shelf. It may be long, but we feel it is the only way we can add our stamp of approval, with quality one of our utmost priorities. After all, we want you to love the socks you wear, and be proud of what you stand upon, from fit to finish.

Thinking the process is pretty interesting stuff, we thought you’d enjoy taking in the general timeline… which begins with a design, like the Grand Prize winning “Love Luma” submitted in last year’s Global Design-A-Sock Contest:

As we look at producing the sock, we have to first decide if we need to make any adjustments to the design to accommodate the thread alignment and how it could affect stretch and quality. Sometimes they are fine as they are; if not, we hire a designer to recreate the design for us (explaining why we ask for simple designs and limit colors used in our design contest).

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