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A Year in Socks

January has been just ugly. We are so ready for a new month, a month that brings us closer to the shiny, sunny days of June. Shoot, even April looks good from this point. More days of light, at least.

Truth be told, we often think of the calendar year in terms of socks. For example, next month is when we open up our hearts for Cupid’s arrow (we have lots of heart styles, fyi!). Then there is Mustache March, April Showers, May Flowers… and so forth. It all makes perfect sense, don’t you think? (Well, it would if your lives revolved around socks, as ours do!) At any rate, this is it: A Year in Socks…

January – A time for cozy leg warmers
February – When Cupid arrives, of course
March – For Mustache March
April – As in yucky April showers and cute umbrellas
May – When buds are in bloom
June – When bikes just about outnumber cars in PDX
July – When all I want to eat is sushi, everyday
August – When your toes are always exposed
September – When the Schoolgirl returns
October – When Day of the Dead looms ahead
November – When deer hunting season begins
December – When we enjoy candy canes in all flavors!

Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 6

At present, I’m wrapped up in a lovely read that is set in the dreamy countryside of Provence, France. In short, it’s all about the slow life. Most of the day’s affairs are scheduled around one’s appetite and a penchant for entertaining on-the-spot (and always-welcome) guests. Conveniently, a glass of wine, Pastis, or marc is never far from reach or reason, and drinking mid-day is never frowned upon.

If I could just spend a week in this life, I’d feel so recharged. For now, I’ll just dream about it… and what I’d wear. I like this look because it is so cozy and casual, yet put-together and pretty – for sure something I’d wear while enjoying the slow life.

Look #6: Pink lace dress + bulky sweater + red lips belt + tights + extra long leg warmers

Extra Long Leg Warmers: An Impromptu Photo Shoot with the SITM Girls

Remember when you were a kid and you used to just go over to your BFF’s house and hang out in her room? You didn’t have an agenda and you didn’t care what you were wearing because it was just you and her… and you would just sprawl out on her bed, flipping through catalogues and talking about boys. Yeah, those were the days…

Now, if we want to hang out with our girlfriends, we create events like Martini Mondays or Taco Tuesdays, and we meet up at coffee shops and ice cream parlors, just so we can spend time together and catch up. It’s kind-of sad. Can’t we just go to our friend’s house, plop onto her bed and cut straight to the chatter?

In an effort to do just that, Carrie and I got together on a random Wednesday and brought back the old school. As we sat there in her room, flipping through mags, we started gushing over our mutual love for Sock It to Me’s extra long leg warmers. I mean, I knew they were versatile, but when Carrie started sharing all of these other ways of wearing them, I thought, “Hey! What we need here is a fashion photo shoot!” To my delight, Carrie complied, and I immediately went to her closet and started pulling clothes. The result isn’t polished or professional, but you get the idea. Most importantly, we had fun. And it was almost like we were 12, again, putting together fashion shows on a mid-week eve…

Carrie’s “before” outfit, which I loved (with SITM’s grey/silver leg warmers).
Getting started…
Worn with leggings and a flowy dress for girly dancer style
An everyday look, with leg warmer scrunched below the knee (with cute flats, perhaps).
Leg warmers worn thigh-high and matched with leggings, a hip-length tunic, and heels for something a bit more cutting-edge.
Worn over skinny jeans for a chic, yet cozy-casual look
Worn for warmth on a brisk winter day

Like I said, we love the extra long leg warmers around here. But I hadn’t even thought of wearing them camping until Carrie mentioned it. Now, call me an Oregonian, but anything you can dress up or dress down AND even wear in the backcountry is worth its weight in gold.So when I heard how Carrie used her long leg warmers to keep warm every night while camping in Utah’s chilly high country, I put them on my “buy” list ASAP, because toasty warm toes in the backcountry is a hard thing to come by!

The best thing is: when she had to get up in the middle of the night, she just scrunched up the leg warmers to throw on her boots and then, upon her return, just lowered them past her tootsies before slipping back into her sleeping bag. Easy breazy brilliance, I must say…

Wear ’em over your toes for extra warmth, and then…
Happy Camper!

Now that you’re ready to purchase a pair (wink, wink), we’re going to make it easy on you. Here is a link where you can find these long leg warmers ON SALE for just $8. Enjoy the savings… and please, be our fan on Facebook and send us photos! (We recommend throwing together a photo shoot with your girlfriends!)