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Not sure what to write about today….what kinds of things would guys like to hear about?

Was very busy the last couple weeks.  Not only did we receive a 20ft container of product but I was also on a planning committee for an entrepreneurial event.  I am a member of the local (Portland) entrepreneurial group StaveUps and we had a big event last weekend that was like a crash course for early stage businesses.  It was a day and a half of networking, panel discussions on topics such as; raising money, branding, and sales.  There were also keynote speakers, activities, and food. It was a lot of work but I was happy to be a part of it.

We’ve got some new branding going on ourselves.  We are working on getting a new look to our website, labels, business cards, etc.  We are going to keep the basics but just polish everything up a bit.  Here is a sneak peak of what our new labels will look like:


We were going for something a little more professional and little less ameteur.  I couldn’t get rid of the girl, although it was suggested.  She’s just such intregarl part of the brand I couldn’t part with her.  And speaking of “her”  she doens’t even have a name.  She is always referred to as “the girl”.  Any suggestions?

That’s it for now.  Thanks all for checking in.