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Get to Know: Drink Me

Get to Know Drink Me

Careful, this drink won’t make you big or small, but it will make you Halloween ready!


SITM: Who do you look up to?

Drink Me: The mad scientists who created me in the lab and brought me to life!

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Drink Me: I can convince people to do things that are a bit bad for them, even if they know it.

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Drink Me: I’m there for them when they want to be naughty.

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Drink Me: One woman’s sock is another man’s poison.

SITM: When you’re on a foot, where would you like to go?

Drink Me: The laboratory to mix up some more concoctions.


Pick your poison: women’s Drink Me, men’s Drink Me.

Get to Know: Sir Skeleton

Get to Know Sir Skeleton

You’re going to like Sir Skeleton, I can feel it in my bones.


SITM: Who do you look up to?

Skeleton: Those who know that Halloween may be celebrated one day a year, but it dances in our bones every season.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Skeleton: Being chill to the bone.

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Skeleton: I am their opportunity to dance with Death without risking life and limb.

SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Skeleton: Dance like no one’s watching because the dead don’t have eyeballs.

SITM: What do you think about this sock & sandal trend?

Skeleton: I prefer tap shoes.

SITM: When you’re on a foot, where would you like to go?

Skeleton: Dancing on graves.


Care to dance? Sir Skeleton will lead. Available in women’s crew and men’s crew.

Get to Know: Vampire Steak

Get to Know Vampire Steak Socks

This guy just vants to sock your foot! Muahaha!


SITM: What other SITM style do you think you pair well with?

Vampire Steak: I pair nicely with red Wine—we make a delicious combination. And it’s the color of blood.

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Vampire Steak: I’m a very rare sock among very unique specimens. You von’t find me in your local grocers or mausoleum.

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Vampire Steak: We meet after twilight at a garlic-free restaurant. Afterward, we retire to my crypt…err crib for another bite because I’m always hungry for a midnight snack.

SITM: If you could be worn by one pair of feet, who would you choose?

Vampire Steak: Someone with a positive blood type—that’s how I keep my sunny outlook.


Nice to meat you, dare to wear Vampire Steak socks?

8 Simple Halloween Tricks From Sock It to Me

SITM Jackolantern

We at Sock It to Me absolutely LOVE Halloween and can’t wait to dress up silly, decorate our office, and eat some treats. We love it so much, we have a costume contest every year. For costumes, we like equal parts clever and scary, although we count “scary good” as scary.

This year, we’re sharing some of our favorite Halloween tricks (and treats) good enough for any home or office.


Halloween Hands 2Decorations

Creepy Hands: Cheap and simple – Cut out hands from old paper bags, rubber band them to mason jars with tea lights and place them in your window or mantel. Automatic spooky and a fun group activity.

Bats Out Of Here: Last year a sockstar (what we at Sock It to Me like to call ourselves) brought in paper bats for the office. Many of us still have them taped up to our work area, but they started out in formation above her desk as if there was a swarm gathering. Very creepy.


Spider Deviled Eggs:

Outside – Boil eggs like normal. Once you’ve removed them from the pan, let them sit for 15 minutes, then crack each egg with a spoon. Add the lightly cracked eggs to a bowl with enough water and black food coloring to cover them and keep them in the fridge for 2 hours. Peel and be horrified!

Inside – Classic deviled eggs with olives cut to look like spiders. Cut olives in half, one half for the body, the other half chop lengthwise and turn into legs. Scary delicious!


Often, we’ll put choosing a costume off until the last minute. There are so many great options, how do you choose just one? We’ve found that beginning your costume early is the best way to go. Once you decide on an idea, you see new accessories for it everywhere. A simpler costume done right to the smallest detail will beat out a better idea thrown together at the last minute.

Zombifying anything makes it a costume. Pregnant? Be a pregnant zombie! Think being a pirate is too boring? Be a zombie pirate! Take your favorite star and undeadify them! The possibilities are endless.

Make a costume out of a pun. Who doesn’t love puns? Nobody, that’s who.

Gomez With Pumpkin
Gomez with his pumpkin

Caped crusading isn’t just for mainstream superheroes. We at Sock It to Me think that everyone has an inner superhero. What’s yours? Find it, dress up like it, add a cape and go out trick or treating!

Don’t forget your furry sidekick! Though they might protest, your pets love to get dressed up! Just check out this dog dressed as a spider scaring people.

Protip: If you’re throwing a Halloween party, don’t allow anyone with glitter into your house or your cats will sparkle for months. Glitter is forever.