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Open House + Voting Party

Last Friday, we held our first in-house voting party (and open house) for our famed Design-A-Sock Contest. Now even though we’ve been doing this since 2007, this particular contest rocked our world. So it only made sense to throw a party.

In the span of ten days, we saw tons of winner-worthy designs come through our inbox, making it extremely difficult to narrow the 2,000 or so submissions down to just 50 designs. When we finally did, we plastered those top 50 on a wall, brought in hundreds of dollars’ worth of catered bites, beer and wine, and then invited Portland’s coolest of cool – including spray-paint artist and DJ Matt Stanger – to join us for one hoppin’ shindig.

It was a hit. To say the least. Check out these photos taken by our friend, Todd. And make sure to vote on Facebook, if you haven’t already. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow by 10am!

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Contest submissions from around the globe

Oh wow, so many great submissions have come in from folks vying for First Place in our 2nd International Design-A-Sock Contest. Not only that, they have come from places near and far, like Australia, Canada, Israel, Poland, and the Philippines. It just gives us this warm, fuzzy feeling to know that there are people all across the world who are joining us in talent and spirit.

We thought you’d enjoy seeing a few of the buzz-worthy designs we have received. Remember, First Place winner gets $500 cash plus 10 pairs of socks and bragging rights, since the winning design joins our line of socks already on the market. Second and Third Place winners score cash and socks, too. Of course, there are more chances to “win” as well. If we like your designs, we’ll buy them from you and call you a sock designer! Pretty cool thing to add to the resume, no?

BTW, you can still enter the contest. Find rules plus our design template online here and send in up to 5 designs electronically by 5pm PST on Friday, March 4th (or post-marked by the 4th if you snail mail them from the States).

All this talking and you just want to see some designs, don’t you? Ok. Here you go, friends. Get your votes ready, and join us on Facebook for a preliminary voting round from March 14 to 17. The winners will be announced on March 18th!

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Friends don’t let friends go unloved

I like being a friend. It is such an honor to love on someone and serve them in their needs. Of course, it’s nice when they return the favor. But we don’t serve them expecting to be served in return. We do it out of love. That’s the best part.

So in Carrie‘s absence, I thought it would be fun to let her know that we missed her while she was off visiting family in her homeland. After thinking about all of the things she loves, I concluded there is one thing that has been on her want list for a while. Best of all, it’s something YOU can all help me with. (And I really hope you do!)

Here’s the thing; it’s so simple (and this is one reason why I love Carrie so). The thing that would just tickle her pink: Pictures of YOU wearing Sock It to Me socks. Even more brilliant: if the picture conveyed a notable landmark (for example, in front of Big Ben, peering at the Golden Gate Bridge, or climbing a mountain in the Himalayas). That way we can drop your photo on a global map and show where in the world you are… and where in the world SITM socks are being worn!

Hopefully you’ve got a photo already stored on your desktop. If not, try staging a little photo shoot with a friend. It’s fun (see link at left). Then, just send your photo to me (press [at] sockittome.com) with the subject titled “With love from (city/country where photo was taken)“. And that’s it. No stamp required, no prize offered… just love. Because love wins.

Thanks for being a part of our lives here at SITM, friends! xoxo

With ♥  from Portland,

“The most I can do for my friend is simply to be his friend. I have no wealth to bestow on him. If he knows that I am happy in loving him, he will want no other reward. Is not friendship divine in this?”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

P.S. I hope you enjoy my links. They are super random. Haha, wow…