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New, Awesome Designs delivered monthly!

That’s right, we started our own monthly sock delivery service! Now our Magical Flying Ponies will drop off exclusive socks & extra goodies on your doorstep each month. Sign up today and put your sock game on auto pilot.

Here’s the lowdown…

We’re sending 2 pairs per box. The first box goes out July 10th, 2017. We’ve got 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available: starting at just $22! Shipping, free extras, and uncontrollable happiness is always included.

We’ve set up a FAQ on our subscription if you have more questions, and of course you can always contact us!

We’re starting with options for just Women and Men, but hope to expand to Kids, Underwear, and more in the future. We’re also starting with delivery to US territories only… but if our friends in other lands are really interested, we could expand!

Tell us what you want to see in the comments: you know we love hearing from you all!

CONTEST: Are YOU the Ultimate Sock It to Me Expert?

How well do YOU know Sock It to Me’s designs?!  You’ll get 5 chances this week to prove that you’re the ultimate Sock It to Me expert!  Tune in to our blog each day to receive 3 hints that describe ONE current sock design for a chance to win a free pair of Sock It to Me’s!

Here are the rules:

  • Each day this week (11/26 – 11/30) we will post 3 hints on our blog.  These 3 hints correspond specifically with ONE current Sock It to Me sock design.
  • The first person to correctly guess which sock design our 3 hints are describing AND email their correct guess to press@sockittome.com will win that pair of socks!
  • If you need help brushing up on your Sock It to Me knowledge, check out all of our current sock designs on our site – www.sockittome.com.
  • You must EMAIL your guess in.  Facebook posts & comments will not be accepted as entries.

Are you ready?!  Here are today’s 3 hints.  First person to email in the correct guess wins!

  1. I was invented almost 200 years ago (197 to be exact)!
  2. I can range in size from an enormous 60 feet tall to less than an inch in length.
  3. In Ancient Greek, my name means “observer of beautiful forms.”

Good luck!  Remember: if you aren’t the ultimate Sock It to Me expert today, check back tomorrow for another chance!




Sock It to Me’s SUPER Sock Exchange!

Last month, we showcased at POOL (probably our favorite trade show of the year!), and we had a special little treat for all of the attendees – Sock It to Me’s SUPER Sock Exchange!  We invited all of the press and buyers to join us in the Sock It to Me lounge to exchange their current socks for a funky, NEW pair of Sock It to Me’s!  And, man, did we have an amazing turnout!!!

Remember your first pair of Sock It to Me’s?!  Since we work in a warehouse packed to the brim with socks, we sometimes forget the excitement of getting your first pair!  At the Sock Exchange, it was SO much fun getting to share in the magic of the first time again, and we just had to share with you a few fun pictures of our new-found Sock It to Me fans and their HUGE smiles as they try on their first pair of our crazy socks!



Probably the best part of our jobs is YOU – our crazy, eclectic group of fans!  We’ve always believed that Sock It to Me had a style for everyone, and looking through all of these pictures from POOL really proved it!




How Does It Feel to Win SITM’s for a YEAR?!

Remember the contest we ran last year in August during our NYC nail art event?  We caught up with one of our lucky winners, Nicci Walker, who correctly guessed how many pairs of Sock It to Me’s were in the vase.  Of course we had to get the low-down on how it feels to receive 3 free pairs of Sock It to Me’s EACH MONTH (I guess dreams do come true)!


Nicci’s Lucky Number = 29!


1) Did you randomly guess how many socks were in the container or did you try to figure it out mathematically?   I just randomly guessed!

2) What are your favorite pair of Sock It to Me’s that you received during the year? I have to choose a favorite?!  ugh… I guess it’s a toss up between my owl ankle socks and my green KOI fish socks…
3) What was the greatest part about receiving 3 pairs of socks every month for a year?  It felt like Christmas every month! I loved that I go to pick out which socks that I got- and that it wasn’t a random selection.
4) Did you pick out all 36 socks for yourself, or did you share some of the sock love?  I did share the love though I kept most to myself.

5) Are you a bigger sock fan now or prior to the contest?  I don’t know that I could have been a bigger sock fan but I’m definitely an even bigger fan of Sock it to Me.  It was so generous of you to give me so many awesome socks- I just can’t stop singing your praises!

6) How often do you sport your Sock It to Me’s?  Probably two or three times a week at a minimum- in the winter and fall almost every day!

7) Craziest place you’ve worn your Sock It to Me’s?  I need to be more creative in my destinations- no where very crazy though I did wear my ninja socks to facilitate a contentious meeting at my old job 🙂

8) What styles do you hope Sock It to Me comes out with next?  I would love to see a pair or two with dogs on them!! 


Nicci Walker sporting her SITM’s (and her adorable puppy!)






Sock it to… Team SOCKS!

Show your off your spirit and style with some Sock It to Me’s for your team! One of our friends in Santa Barbara, CA is on a kickball team called the “Black’s Beaches.” They got their name because the last name of the ONE guy on the team (not pictured) is Black and he LOVES beaches (ha!).  The (almost) all girl team is making history in their league.  They haven’t got a perfect record, but so far they’ve been keeping the games “close” and even managed to pull in a win.  We think that win might have had something to do with our Badd Ass socks helping to make them look tough on the field and making other teams jealous with their awesome style!

The Black Beaches

They play every Thursday on the beach and each week they have a new theme for the game and they dress up.  After the game, the entire league walks over to the sponsoring bar “The Neighborhood” to hang out and have a few drinks. Sounds like a SUPER hard life down there in Santa Barbara…:o )












The BEST part of the whole thing is that our friend kickball league plays for local charities! So not only do they get to  play kickball, hang out and drink beer, but they also get to help out the community at the same time! Brilliant!

We’re so thrilled that people are having this much fun in their Sock It to Me’s!  Do you need us to help you kick some butt on the field? You just let us know, we’ve got your feet COVERED!

(photo credits: Matt LaPointe)