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A Look on the Bright Side

It’s a tough time of year: the end of winter is near, and the beginning of spring is almost here. The promise of brighter days is so close; and the nice days we do get can feel like a tease. But looking toward the sunny side is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for growth, for coming together, and for taking full advantage of the pleasant times we do have. And that‘s what’s inspired our spring sock styles!

Spread the Word

Spring is on its way and we’re taking the party outside! Longer days are already here: tulips and daffodils are making their way through the solid ground, and everywhere you look, hope is breaking through.

Here in the Northwest, we have what we call “sunbreaks”. Whenever the sun breaks through the clouds, we all run outside to bask in the light and warmth for the few minutes that we have. We grab a friend and something warm to drink and talk about things that make us happy like music (All That Jazz men’s crew) and Soccer (Kick It men’s crew).

Sharing a moment in fun socks.

Plant happy in garden socks.It’s also time to get your hands dirty and get planting. We love visiting farmers’ markets in early spring–they seem to explode in both plants and people this time of year. They are the perfect way to supplement the things we are growing ourselves, whether it’s for the plate or the vase. Our Whack-a-mole crews and Turnip the Beet knee highs were inspired by the green thumbs we have (or are trying to grow). Our produce might not look as perfect as what’s at the market, but playing in the dirt is always fun.

Spread the Blanket

Nothing says “embrace the sun” like a picnic. We love to take our lunches outside, when possible, to eat up every drop of sunshine that we can. When the sun rolls from behind the clouds, we unroll the blanket (even if the ground is sill a little damp) and enjoy our packed meals together. It doesn’t usually include wine, but it does include cheerful socks such as Winosaurus knee highs and Kitty Cone knee highs: inspired by our dream lunch accessories.

Fun picnic socks Kitty Cone and Winosaurus

Playing bocce ball in Femme-powerment Stretch-it and Stay Weird Stretch-itA picnic is a great excuse to bring out the lawn games, which we try to include in every Sock It to Me gathering. Is there anything classier than lawn games at a picnic? Yes. Playing them in STRETCH-IT™ Femme-Powerment and STRETCH-IT™ Stay Weird. These designs weren’t just inspired by the brightness we need to get through the last days of darkness, but by the bright flowers you should be bringing to the next picnic you’re invited to.


Spread the Love

Everyone’s invited to our picnic block party. That’s why our inspiration spreads across knee highs, men’s crews, women’s crews, STRETCH-IT’s, and kid’s socks. We even have some new men’s underwear. The spring season is all about growth and sharing: which we learned early on.

We’ve recently had a baby boom here at Sock It to Me (we’re growing up!), and it’s watching them that we learn our biggest lessons: share, be kind, and see what blossoms.

Children sharing and being adorable in cute socks.


These two are sharing more than good style in Mild Sauce for toddler and Kid’s Best Friend for toddler, they’re sharing good times.

The end of winter lets us know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. While you’re walking toward it, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with bright colors, bright friendships, and bright socks.

Get to Know: Vampire Steak

Get to Know Vampire Steak Socks

This guy just vants to sock your foot! Muahaha!


SITM: What other SITM style do you think you pair well with?

Vampire Steak: I pair nicely with red Wine—we make a delicious combination. And it’s the color of blood.

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Vampire Steak: I’m a very rare sock among very unique specimens. You von’t find me in your local grocers or mausoleum.

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Vampire Steak: We meet after twilight at a garlic-free restaurant. Afterward, we retire to my crypt…err crib for another bite because I’m always hungry for a midnight snack.

SITM: If you could be worn by one pair of feet, who would you choose?

Vampire Steak: Someone with a positive blood type—that’s how I keep my sunny outlook.


Nice to meat you, dare to wear Vampire Steak socks?

Get to Know: Pizza Pie in the Sky

Get to Know Pizza Pie in the Sky Socks

Twinkle, twinkle little pizza?


SITM: Who do you look up to?

Pizza Pie: Bigger stars and bigger snacks that came before me.

SITM: What’s your favorite leisure activity?

Pizza Pie: Stargazing, trying to find the next big snackstellation.

SITM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Pizza Pie: Right here. Some of my stars might fade, but it will just look like nibbles have been taken from my platter.

SITM: When you’re on a foot, where would you like to go?

Pizza Pie: Past where the city lights get in the way of the stars…and no one can see my shameful snacking.


It’s the surf & turf of the sky: stars & carbs, and you can take the doggy bag home in the form of Pizza Pie in the Sky crews.

Get to Know: Hangry Birds

We could learn a lot from these snacktastic socks.


SITM: What is your life philosophy?

Hangry Birds: One man’s lunch is now my lunch.

SITM: What is your perfect date?

Hangry Birds: Yours, if you’re on a picnic.

SITM: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hangry Birds: Hopefully not too fat to take off with your snacks.

SITM: What’s your superpower?

Hangry Birds: Flying away with your lunch

SITM: What is your favorite song?

Hangry Birds: I Ran (Away with your food) 

SITM: What do you think customers will like most about you?

Hangry Birds: I’ll steal a pizza your heart.


Ready for a bird’s eye view of these socks? Snatch up a pair of men’s Hangry Birds before they fly off the shelves.