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Fall 2019 Sock Styles: New Flair for Your Feet!

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Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 7

It has been super fun doing daily (or near-daily) posts featuring Sock It to Me style in action. This is the last in our series, and fittingly, it’s extra special. These pictures come from an exciting meet-n-greet with Portland Mayor Sam Adams last week. Carrie, myself, and photographer Jared Birt were invited to join Mr. Adams at his home-away-from-home: City Hall, where big decisions are made every day.

Because we were so excited, Carrie and I fussed a bit about what to wear, but it didn’t take long for either of us to nail down some fall looks that were appropriate for a personal, three-on-three greet with the mayor. (He came with his PR gal and photographer, as well.) At the end of the meeting, Mr. Mayor put on some Ninja socks and rode off into the sunset — er, traffic — on a supercool electric bike on loan. For all of the exciting details, make sure to check out next week’s blog with even more pictures… and a cool video!

On Carrie: Neck-tied blouse + cropped tweed blazer + denim pencil skirt + argyles

Seven Looks in Seven Days – Day 6

At present, I’m wrapped up in a lovely read that is set in the dreamy countryside of Provence, France. In short, it’s all about the slow life. Most of the day’s affairs are scheduled around one’s appetite and a penchant for entertaining on-the-spot (and always-welcome) guests. Conveniently, a glass of wine, Pastis, or marc is never far from reach or reason, and drinking mid-day is never frowned upon.

If I could just spend a week in this life, I’d feel so recharged. For now, I’ll just dream about it… and what I’d wear. I like this look because it is so cozy and casual, yet put-together and pretty – for sure something I’d wear while enjoying the slow life.

Look #6: Pink lace dress + bulky sweater + red lips belt + tights + extra long leg warmers