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Our style (according to you)

I like words. They are sort-of my thing. But I’m somewhat stuck when it comes to adjectives for Sock It to Me socks. Because I’ve done it for so long. You know, kind of like cooking. There is a bounty of delightful foods out there, but you get stuck in a rut and just go back to the same standby meals — meals that are delish, no doubt, but also a bit monotonous if you don’t mix it up from time to time.

What usually helps is to go to a friend’s house for dinner or move in with new roomies. All of the sudden, your eyes are opened to a new realm of possibility. And well, that’s what we did. We asked, and you answered. So here it is: Ways that YOU, our dear friends and fans, would describe the Sock It to Me socks you love to love:

According to Lise, our socks can’t be nailed down to just a few adjectives, and she called them: “Swanky, wild, deluxe, sumptuous, hilarious, comedic, inspiring, artistic, inventive, dramatic, uplifting, inspiring, decorative, ornamental, pleasing… sharp, debonair, sporty, lively, plucky*, daring, showy… flirtatious, snappy, fun-loving, fanciful.. dazzling, sprightly, animated.” (*I don’t know what “plucky” means, but I love it!) Helen left a few descriptions too, from “Snazzy, jazzy, upscale, unmistakable, and attention-grabbing to striking and freaky“. Meanwhile, Monica called them, “Mindblowing” and Suzi went for “Awesometacular“. Then Paula nailed it, calling them: “Quality“, while Lillie went with “Wicked awesome” and Bridget called them “Excellent with a big side of awesome-sauce!“. I personally liked Tracy’s trio: “Unique, FABULOUS, toe titillating” as well as Andrea’s description as “Essential; Necessary; Beloved; Groovy; Right-on; Perfect“. Emily and Jules agreed on “Quirky!” and Eva called them “Sexy, comfy, sassy, ‘your own private joke’, pretty, stylish, rad, enviable, lovely, awesome!” Then there was the creative “Amazeballs” by Angela and “Effervescent!” from Richard.

And that’s just the start of it. The list went on and on, with 63 comments and well over 100 adjectives shared on our Facebook page in a short, 12-hour period. To all of the folks who share this journey with us, can we just say again how much we love you? Oh you make sock business fun! Keep your thoughts and opinions coming; we value them (and you) highly! Thanks, too, for giving us some rockin’ new vocab!  Priceless. xoxo

You wear what you eat

Fair warning: You’re going to want to get in on this. We did our very first giveaway on our Facebook Fan Page last week and, lemme tell ya, we will definitely do it again. It was so fun!

peacepicklepaperOur scavenger hunt winner, Biz Murrer from Cincinnati, gathered a peace sign, a pickle and a current newspaper and won 3 pairs of socks. That’s it. That’s all it took. Who thinks of these things?? (Owner Carrie Atkinson, of course.) But we gotta give Miss Murrer extra props because this true fan showed off a little SITM love, with a flash of the Ninja, one of our all-time fave socks.  

And that reminds us… we just unveiled Ninja #2. Oh yes. A second! For men. Check it out here. And while you’re at it, scope out all the newbies, including… wait for it… mustache knee-highs for women. In pink, naturally. Also find an array of fresh styles inspired by our culinary cravings. From sushi to bacon & eggs, tacos to toast, these new styles are plum tasty. But please, don’t try to eat them. They’re socks. You wear em.  With pride, of course.

Oh yeah, and remember to be our fan on the ol’ FB. Giveaways! Need we say more?

Cast Your Vote!

BranchBlossomsThe deadline for the Design-A-Sock contest has come and gone, but it’s not over yet. Now comes the fun part: The Voting. And guess what? We want your help.

While we can’t show off all 700 or so submissions, we have narrowed it down to 19 finalists. View them all (minus the yet-to-be disclosed Grand Prize Winner) online and vote for your fave. We’ll award 2nd and 3rd place winners based on YOUR votes. Pretty cool, huh?

How? you ask. Well, find us on Facebook, be our fan (if you’re not already our fan… tsk, tsk), and then scroll through the Photo Album tagged “Design-A-Sock Contest 2009”. Find one you “like” and give it a thumbs up. That’s all. But remember: You get one vote, and one vote only, so make it a good one!

BTW, we’ll announce all winners, including the Grand Prize Winner, on October 9th. So stay tuned! xo