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International Design-A-Sock Contest Accepting Entries NOW!

DASC14 Design A Sock Contest 2014

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year — Sock It To Me DESIGN-A-SOCK CONTEST TIME!

This year, things are even MORE aweome! We’re calling it our Very Special 10th Anniversary International Design-a-Sock of Awesomeness Contest is going on now through the deadline for entries, September 26.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can submit a sock design for a chance to see their dream sock become a reality, and win a cash prize of $5000! This year we also have an AWESOME group of celebrity judges; Lil’ Bub, Brian Posehn, Aesop Rock, Misterwives (the band), Ron Funches and experts from the fashion industry!

So don’t delay: download a design form, create a sock masterpiece, and enter your design for a chance to make what you love into a sock (and win some pretty sweet prizes)!


Quick! Answer this question: What is the perfect complement to a delicious beer?BEER lovers sock it to me designs

If you said “SOCKS” you’re absolutely correct & we’re serving up some Beer Love with our awesome designs! Now all you Beer Lovers can drink, brew, contemplate & discuss your favorite beverage while your feet look AWESOME.

Instead of stressing about the next present you need to get for all those fashionable brewers, enthusiasts & cicerones in your life – we’ve made it SOOOOO much easier with these hop-erific designs!

See them all here! → → → → Beer,  Hops,  I <3 Beer & Purple Hops!

The Sock It to Me “Behind the Scene” Series: Take 5

We’re proud to announce our NEWEST team member (officially anyway) – Alicia!  You have Alicia to thank for many of your most beloved Sock It to Me styles, and now that we have our hands on her full time, expect great things!


Name: Alicia

Position at SITM: Senior Designer

Years at SITM:  “officially” working here 1 month, unofficially 1.5 years

Favorite pair of SITM socks: Tighty whities

Tell us a bit about yourself in less than 120 words: Eccentric yet peppy and a snazzy dresser.

What were you doing before you started working at Sock It to me?  Living the dream as a fashion designer for the past 8 years and worked in LA and NYC before moving to the Columbia River Gorge 2 years ago!  I own Pepstyle Designs and freelanced for Sock it to Me before coming in full time.  I also love to teach and inspire those around me so I teach Apparel and Accessory Design at the Art Institute of Portland.

One food item you could not live without: Bacon + blue cheese burgers

Where are you going when the zombie apocalypse happens?  I live in Hood River so I think the zombies won’t want to drive the 84.

What sock do you wish SITM had?  The “everything” sock…. one part rainbow, one part baby kittens, next adding Dracula and a dash of yeti.  Definitely they would be scratch and sniff too.




New socks! Lots of them.

It’s that time when a new round of socks come in to enliven our supply of feet treats. Not that we dislike any of the other socks on our shelves, but it’s just so exciting to get new stuff. And we are super smitten with this lineup of fresh styles. Some come from past design contests (both global and local to Portland) and some styles come from the ol’ idea bank (always dreaming, we tell you). We hope you like them as much as we do. Because if you don’t… well, it’s just pointless for us to go on now, isn’t it? Thankfully, we get to dream big because you dream big. So thanks for that!

Annnnnd if you have your own creative bank stocking up fun design ideas, please take note of our 2nd International Design-A-Sock Contest, just around the bend now. So get online, grab the template here, and then start creating. It’s that easy! Well, there are some rules and regulations… so take note of the online version and stay tuned for more details soon.

There is something about a pig wearing a cape that gets us giggling. Oh “Super Pig” we heart you!
A pretty print for the calf, this “Peacock II” sock is nothing short of delightful!
What is more adorable than a sweet, smiling acorn face? One that speaks love!
The “Clover” is fit for celebrating the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day in style!
“You have the key to my sock” designed by Portland designer-of-the-moment, Andrea Arbuckle.
Our “I heart Oregon” sock gives a special nod to our hometown fans who gave us love since day one.
Introducing the men’s “Honeycomb” sock, in just the right colors and all the right fun.
This ultra retro car design comes from our 4th annual Design-A-Sock contest… and rocks!
Because it’s fun and makes us laugh, the “Strong Man” isn’t just for men who like to pump iron.
Knowing guys never really get out of that monster phase, this “Monsters II” sock is to be a sure hit.
After receiving major kudos for the original Birds on a Wire sock, we decided to go crew length, too.
The “Caged Bird” hosts a variety of birdcages for the sweetly chirping birdies to call home.
We all had them as little girls… or wanted them. Now you can have “Nesting Dolls” on your feet!
Oh “PB & J”… Look how good you look together! We’re happy for you, and will forever have a place for you in our hearts.

For the CURVY girls… we finally have restocks of some original “Curvy” styles, plus two new styles to introduce, as well. Unforch, we couldn’t upload the photos, so if you don’t mind, please link to our website here for photos and ordering info.

Happy shopping, everyone! xoxo