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Giving people money and prizes!!

This will probably be the last of the Design a Sock Contest entries for 2009.  I just wanted to post these goofy pictures we took when the contest winners came into get their prizes and money, to show you that real people really won this contest.  Sometimes you see a contest on the back of a bag of chips and the prizes are things like cars, and trips to the Bahamas.  Do people actually win those?  I’ve never seen or heard anything about the winners and it makes you wonder if they are really out there.  No need to wonder here, because here are the pictures to show you.

1st Place Winner, Jason Dyl gets $500 cash money!
1st Place Winner, Jason Dyl gets $500 cash money!
The SITM crew there to support.
The SITM crew there to support.

Jason created the 3-D glasses sock that will be here tomorrow!!

The Manatee sock creator came into get her cash an prizes soon after.

Thanks Alyxandria for you Manatee sumbission!  2nd Place.
Thanks Alyxandria for you Manatee sumbission! 2nd Place.

And lastly, we had Tommy Beck come in.  He was the 3rd place winner that came up with the Crossword Puzzle design.

Thanks Tommy for your Crossword Puzzle design! 3rd Place!
Thanks Tommy for your Crossword Puzzle design! 3rd Place!

Thank you all for your submissions, we had a great turn out Portland!  Sorry we weren’t able to respond to each artist personally, we just had too many entries, and not enough staff.  As always, keep your ideas coming, because even though the special contest isn’t running, we’re always accepting ideas.  Yay for socks and cash and prizes!!

Design contest recap….

I really like the imagery and color in this design, but do I want to get into religious imagery?
I really like the imagery and color in this design, but do I want to get into religious imagery?

Holy cow, another design contest past and what a ride it was.  We placed ads in booth the weekly, free papers here in Portland; the Portland Mercury and the Willamette Weekly, so we got double the action.We received submissions in crayon, black and white pen sketches, marker, paint, and numerous submitted electronically.  I think next year we may add a “Coolest Envelop”  section because there would have been several contenders this year.

I really liked this one. Would other girls?  Would it make a better men's sock?
I really liked this one. Would other girls? Would it make a better men's sock?

A couple people were bummed that the contest was only open to Portland residents but we’ve done it that way because its easier to manage and plan for.  Also, we like Portland and we like to providing a little community contest.  Maybe in the years to come we will have a national contest, I’d like to.

Technology really helped us spread the word this year.  With a twitter account and a Facebook fan page we were able to get our fans involved in the voting.  We started the contest with 213 fans on our page and ended with 655!  That’s huge! Thanks people! We really appreciate the help with voting.

A sock monkey on you socks, genius.
A sock monkey on you socks, genius.

We also wanted to show some of the designs we liked but why they didn’t work for some reason or another.  Some of them we loved but asked ourselves, did we like them because of our own quirky sense of style, or because they’d make a good pair of socks that more than a handful would like?  There were also some wildly creative designs, beautiful in detail but would’ve be just too difficult to actually wear once made.   When working with socks there are some limitations we have to adhere to.  Stitching a design directly into a product is not as forgiving as something like screen printing.  When sock designs get too complicated the sock gets really tight becuase all the stings are woven together and tight socks = bad.

Kind of a remedy we’ve found for making more detailed socks is just making them shorter.  So instead of our signature knee high, we can get some of the more difficult designs made on ankle high, or crew socks.  This way the sock doesn’t have to makes its way over the varying calf sizes that are out there.

Yeah, weird, right?  But I like it.  Too difficult.
Yeah, weird, right? But I like it. Too difficult.

So all in all we had approximately 600-700 submissions.  Its great fun to go through all the designs and really cool to see what people come up with.  And then once we start getting votes in, its even more interesting to see what people are drawn to.  Thanks artists and voters for your participation, we had a great 3rd Annual Design a Sock Contest! Its never too soon to start on ideas for next year.  And just a little tid bit of information…..we accept design ideas all year and if we really like it and decide to put it into production, you the artist, gets 200 dollars cash money!


Cast Your Vote!

BranchBlossomsThe deadline for the Design-A-Sock contest has come and gone, but it’s not over yet. Now comes the fun part: The Voting. And guess what? We want your help.

While we can’t show off all 700 or so submissions, we have narrowed it down to 19 finalists. View them all (minus the yet-to-be disclosed Grand Prize Winner) online and vote for your fave. We’ll award 2nd and 3rd place winners based on YOUR votes. Pretty cool, huh?

How? you ask. Well, find us on Facebook, be our fan (if you’re not already our fan… tsk, tsk), and then scroll through the Photo Album tagged “Design-A-Sock Contest 2009”. Find one you “like” and give it a thumbs up. That’s all. But remember: You get one vote, and one vote only, so make it a good one!

BTW, we’ll announce all winners, including the Grand Prize Winner, on October 9th. So stay tuned! xo


Design a Sock Contest now running!!

To our Portland peeps…

It’s heeeeere! Yes, the Portland-only Annual Design-A-Sock Contest is back, now in its third year. Third! We’re excited. Last year, we had so many submissions, we could have filled a kiddie pool or two. No joke. So get into your creative spunky mood and start sketching, coloring, computer-designing… you know, do what you do. You get five chances to knock our socks off. Tehehe. Pun intended.

contest entries

Like other years, the first place winner gets $500. That’s five Benjamins. Five. What would you do with that kind of money? New bike gear, a trip to Central America, a car payment or two…


Anyhoo, find the sock template and in a HURRY in one of these three locations: in this week’s Willamette Week (Page 16. Rip it out. Make copies), in this week’s Portland Mercury (Page 12) or on our website (see it over there on the left side?). Make up to five designs and email ’em in to designcontest@sockittomesocks.com or send via snail mail (Design Contest, 6624 SE 45th Ave., Portland, OR 97206). Submissions are due by Friday, Sept. 25th at 5pm (which is less than 10 days away)—in hand, not postmarked.  Hurry, get em in!!!

Remember, multiple winners are awarded!

First Place: $500 + 10 pairs of socks + production of sock & integration into our SITM line

Second Place: $100 + 5 pairs of socks

Third Place: $50 + 3 pairs of socks

Bonus win: If we like your designs, we may just buy em off you, anyways!

Some rules and regulations:

Entrants must be Portland residents. No more than five entries per person. Designs must be the artist’s original creation and shall not be copies or duplicated from previously published art. The design is limited to a maximum of five colors. All colors must be flat and solid, with no shadint, belendinf or half-tones. Simple is good. Patterns are good. Check out our website for designs that have worked in the past. The designs must fill the template provided here or online. Sock It To Me reserves the right to alter the design if necessary. All designs submitted will become the sole property of Sock It To Me and will not be returned. Sock It To Me will not assume liability for any damage, loss or theft of any entry. Submit address, email and phone number along with design.

An—ahem—esteemed panel of young creatives will serve as judges for the contest, and the winners will be announced by October 10, 2009, right here on our website. So check back! And thank you for your submissions. We love this time of year. Such talent out there, Portland! Good luck! xo