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Catching Up with Previous Design-a-Sock Contest Winners

Design-a-Sock Contest 2019 kicks off on September 3rd. Maybe you’re considering entering? Maybe half of you wants to enter, while the other half isn’t so sure? We get it. It’s normal to feel some degree of self-doubt. It comes with the territory when you’re thinking about sending your art out to be evaluated.

We want to introduce you to four people. They’re people just like you. They came up with a great idea for a sock, ignored self-doubt and bravely submitted their designs. And now they shall forever be known as… Design-a-Sock Contest Winners!

We recently caught up with these sock-designing dynamos to tell us about their experience‚Äďand asked if they have any pointers for anyone thinking about entering this year.

Alina Chetcuti
Breah Morgan
Grant Thackray
Katie Bryant

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