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Thank you for such a great Design-A-Sock Contest!

Phew – WHAT a whirlwind!Thank You!!

We’re so pumped all of you took the time to design, help promote and vote in our 2013 Global Design-A-Sock Contest – you guys ROCK!

This year was one of our biggest years yet & here’s why:

• You crushed last year’s total & submitted over 3,000 designs!

• In our finalists, entries were submitted from the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Philippines, South Africa and Brazil!

• There were a total of 7,966 votes

• The winning design got 655 votes


We couldn’t be more impressed by the sheer talent of those who submitted designs – internet round of applause to you all! Just to remind everyone, even if you didn’t win the contest we are still reviewing the submissions for designs that we would like to use in the future. We will contact you by the info you sent along with your design so you still could be a part of the SITM family!

2013 was a great year, but here’s to 2014 & beyond!

CONTEST: Are YOU the Ultimate Sock It to Me Expert?

How well do YOU know Sock It to Me’s designs?!  You’ll get 5 chances this week to prove that you’re the ultimate Sock It to Me expert!  Tune in to our blog each day to receive 3 hints that describe ONE current sock design for a chance to win a free pair of Sock It to Me’s!

Here are the rules:

  • Each day this week (11/26 – 11/30) we will post 3 hints on our blog.  These 3 hints correspond specifically with ONE current Sock It to Me sock design.
  • The first person to correctly guess which sock design our 3 hints are describing AND email their correct guess to press@sockittome.com will win that pair of socks!
  • If you need help brushing up on your Sock It to Me knowledge, check out all of our current sock designs on our site – www.sockittome.com.
  • You must EMAIL your guess in.  Facebook posts & comments will not be accepted as entries.

Are you ready?!  Here are today’s 3 hints.  First person to email in the correct guess wins!

  1. I was invented almost 200 years ago (197 to be exact)!
  2. I can range in size from an enormous 60 feet tall to less than an inch in length.
  3. In Ancient Greek, my name means “observer of beautiful forms.”

Good luck!  Remember: if you aren’t the ultimate Sock It to Me expert today, check back tomorrow for another chance!




How Does It Feel to Win SITM’s for a YEAR?!

Remember the contest we ran last year in August during our NYC nail art event?  We caught up with one of our lucky winners, Nicci Walker, who correctly guessed how many pairs of Sock It to Me’s were in the vase.  Of course we had to get the low-down on how it feels to receive 3 free pairs of Sock It to Me’s EACH MONTH (I guess dreams do come true)!


Nicci’s Lucky Number = 29!


1) Did you randomly guess how many socks were in the container or did you try to figure it out mathematically?   I just randomly guessed!

2) What are your favorite pair of Sock It to Me’s that you received during the year? I have to choose a favorite?!  ugh… I guess it’s a toss up between my owl ankle socks and my green KOI fish socks…
3) What was the greatest part about receiving 3 pairs of socks every month for a year?  It felt like Christmas every month! I loved that I go to pick out which socks that I got- and that it wasn’t a random selection.
4) Did you pick out all 36 socks for yourself, or did you share some of the sock love?  I did share the love though I kept most to myself.

5) Are you a bigger sock fan now or prior to the contest?  I don’t know that I could have been a bigger sock fan but I’m definitely an even bigger fan of Sock it to Me.  It was so generous of you to give me so many awesome socks- I just can’t stop singing your praises!

6) How often do you sport your Sock It to Me’s?  Probably two or three times a week at a minimum- in the winter and fall almost every day!

7) Craziest place you’ve worn your Sock It to Me’s?  I need to be more creative in my destinations- no where very crazy though I did wear my ninja socks to facilitate a contentious meeting at my old job 🙂

8) What styles do you hope Sock It to Me comes out with next?  I would love to see a pair or two with dogs on them!! 


Nicci Walker sporting her SITM’s (and her adorable puppy!)






3rd Annual Global Design-a-Sock: Honorable Mentions

Whew!  We’ve been up to our ears in Design-a-Sock submissions, but, boy, was it worth it!  Have you checked out the 32 finalists on our Facebook page yet?!  Get your vote in ASAP here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151476017390026.825079.237573925025&type=1.  If you haven’t, make sure you stop by our Facebook soon – voting ends Thursday, April 5th at 5 PM PST sharp!

We had an amazing time sifting through the THOUSANDS of entries this year!  Submissions poured in from all over the world – US, Colombia, Argentina, Singapore, West Indies, Indonesia, Germany, UK, Scotland, Wales, India, Portugal, the Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Serbia, Denmark, Spain, Nigeria, France, Uruguay, Honduras, Norway, Turkey, Philippines, Australia, Slovakia, and Canada!  WOW, that’s a TON of Sock It to Me love!

And equally as exciting, our entrants ranged from ages 4 to 87 years old!  Who says coloring is only for kids?!  All we know is that someone out there has a totally awesome grandparent! 🙂

We can’t thank you all enough for participating in our Design-a-Sock Contest!  It’s like Christmas morning all over again when we receive a submission!  Our fans are definitely the most creative people you’ll ever find, and we wish we could produce each and every rad design that comes our way!

Unfortunately, because we’re limited by our current manufacturing methods, we simply aren’t able to produce some of the most amazing designs we receive.  With the way our socks are made, these intricate designs would make the socks WAY too tight (and no one likes a muffin top on their calf!)  We’d still like to give these great designs some credit though!  Check out these submissions that we fell in love with, but sadly aren’t able to produce:

Lauren Taylor’s “A-Mazing-Ing Socks”


Shari Cornish’s “Pie & Coffee”


Novica Milenkovic’s “Knight Irontoe”


Francesca Bryant’s “Tutenkamuen”


Pretty awesome creations, huh?  Hopefully one day soon we’ll be able to consider some of these beautiful designs!

So what are you waiting for?!  Make your way over to the Sock It to Me Facebook page to start voting!  Vote for your favorite designs by simply hitting “Like” for each image.  You can vote for as many designs as you want!  The ten designs with the most “Likes” after 5 PM PST on Thursday, April 5 will become our Top 10 Finalists!  The esteemed panel of judges at the Sock It to Me headquarters will then announce the top 3 winners!





3rd Annual Global Design-a-Sock Contest!

The wait is FINALLY over, so pick up those pens (or markers, watercolor pencils, charcoal, pastels, computer mouses, or whatever you want to use!) and let those creative juices flow!  Sock It to Me’s 3rd Annual Global Design-a-Sock Contest starts TODAY (March 14th), and we’re expecting BIG things from 2012! (And you’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill from 2011!)

We like to keep it super simple here at Sock It to Me, so here are just 6 quick guidelines to remember:

  1. Anyone and everyone is welcome (and encouraged!) to enter!
  2. The contest starts March 14th and runs until March 23rd.
  3. You can download the entry form here: https://www.sockittome.com/cart/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=10. Entries can be drawn by hand or designed on a computer.
  4. All entries must be postmarked or emailed to designcontest@sockittome.com by 5PM PST on March 23, 2012.
  5. All designs are must be flat and solid with no shading, blending, or half tones.  You may use a maximum of 5 colors.
  6. Please include your name, email, phone number, and location in the body of your email and within the graphic below the design.

Pretty easy to follow, right?!  Now that the obligatory rule-sharing is out of the way, on to the most important part – the PRIZES!  We love a little competitive spirit, so this year we’ve upped the ante.  Check out these awesome prizes!

*1st place – $1000 and 15 pairs of socks.  Not to mention, the winning design will be produced!

*2nd place – $500 and 10 pairs of socks

*3rd place – $250 and 5 pairs of socks

Not too shabby, huh?!  We thought you’d like that part! 🙂

Here’s a little bit of inspiration for you to get started.  Check out some of our past sock design winners that have since been produced!

Koi Fish


Black Cats


Dîa de los Muertos




Right as Rain

You can see tons more here: https://www.sockittome.com/cart/index.php?dispatch=pages.view&page_id=28!

Not too handy with a paintbrush??  We’ve got a little something for you too.  We’ll place the top finalists on our Facebook page, where you can vote for the top 10!  Due to technical sock-making reasons, Sock It to Me will then rank the top 3.  Even if you can’t design a sock, you can still help to sway sock history by casting your vote!

So what are you waiting for?!  Time to start sending in those brush strokes of genius!  And don’t forget to check our Facebook when the voting begins!!  GOOD LUCK! 🙂