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Design-a-Sock 2017 Winners!

2017 Design-a-Sock Winners

Thank you to all participants, whether you sent inspired drawings or voted on your favorites, for making 2017 Design-a-Sock Contest so great!

Now, let’s meet the artists behind the designs:

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-First-Place1st PlaceKatherine

Katherine comes from Maryland and is currently studying mechanical engineering in New Jersey. Art is her favorite hobby between classes, either filling her wall with drawings or being the artist on her friends video game projects. When she’s back home, she helps run a sports camp, makes her own costumes, bakes, and live with her boxer dog. She has a growing collection of colorful socks, and they’ve been a great help in making a good first impression.

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-SecondPlace2nd Place—Naomi

As a 22 year old student from Vancouver B.C, I am currently working towards becoming a graphic designer. Ive always had a passion for art and am constantly drawing or painting on my spare time. The world of Graphic design was new to me but once I enrolled in it at school I fell in love. This was the first time I ever participated in the Sock it to Me design contest, or any design contest in that matter, and I loved how creative you could get! It was so much fun seeing my idea come to life and I can’t believe other people liked it as well!

My online portfolio: www.naomiokada.com 

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-ThirdPlace3rd PlaceIsabel

My name is Isabel, and I am a 13-year old artist. I’ve been making art for nearly 10 years now, and I don’t think it will ever die out. I’m very ambitious; I’m always working to improve, and always afraid to lose. I’ve won several contests before, but for me to win a place in such a huge event is a huge thing for me! I enjoy playing video games, watching cartoons, and spending time with my fellow geek friends. I also listen to a lot of music. Possibly too much…?

GeekDad: September 2017

GeekDad thinks our socks are almost as good as money:

“Now through September 30, Sock It To Me is inviting fans and artists from around the world to submit a unique sock design for a chance to win up to $2,000 in cash and 15 free pairs of SITM socks–which are almost as good as money.”

That’s a pretty good compliment! We also don’t mind that they’re telling their fans about our Design-a-Sock Contest, which also gives you the chance to turn your idea into a real, live sock.

Check out their full post here.

Get an entry form to our Design-a-Sock Contest here.

Design-a-Sock 2017 Has Started!

Design-a-Sock 2017. Envision your great idea. Draw your inspiration. Win $2,000.

Our annual Design-a-Sock Contest is now under way! Enter here.

We are accepting entries from around the world 9/5/17 – 9/30/17. Got questions? We’ve got lots of answers on our FAQ.

Good luck & have fun!

Portland Design-A-Sock Contest: Step-by-Step to Enter!

All you creative Portlanders – we want YOU! (imagine us doing our best Uncle Sam impersonation)

Enter your amazing design ideas in our 7th Annual Portland Design-A-Sock Contest to show us all your awesome creative skillz. This year we have 2 ways for you to submit your designs: snail mail (like usual) and through our website electronically. We’re gettin’ fancy!

Snail Mail:

  • • Print out the sock design form here on our website or tear out the ad you saw in your newspaper.
  • • Color, draw, hodge-podge, etc your design entry.
  • • Fill out the info box in the bottom right-hand side so we know who you are.
  • • Put the entry form in an envelope and send to: 3605 SE 21st Avenue, Portland, OR, 97202
  • • You’re done!



  • • Visit here: http://bit.ly/185soa3
    • Download an electronic version of the entry form.
    • Design, design, design.
    • Visit here again: http://bit.ly/185soa3
    • Enter all your information (again, we want to know who you are!)
    • Hit SUBMIT & you’re done!


Remember, you can enter your designs starting September 9. All entries must be in by 3PM PST on Friday, September 20 – Don’t forget!!!!


Thank you for such a great Design-A-Sock Contest!

Phew – WHAT a whirlwind!Thank You!!

We’re so pumped all of you took the time to design, help promote and vote in our 2013 Global Design-A-Sock Contest – you guys ROCK!

This year was one of our biggest years yet & here’s why:

• You crushed last year’s total & submitted over 3,000 designs!

• In our finalists, entries were submitted from the United States, Canada, Australia, Israel, Croatia, the United Kingdom, Philippines, South Africa and Brazil!

• There were a total of 7,966 votes

• The winning design got 655 votes


We couldn’t be more impressed by the sheer talent of those who submitted designs – internet round of applause to you all! Just to remind everyone, even if you didn’t win the contest we are still reviewing the submissions for designs that we would like to use in the future. We will contact you by the info you sent along with your design so you still could be a part of the SITM family!

2013 was a great year, but here’s to 2014 & beyond!