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Finding photos

Sometimes we get bored and start searching for photos (thank you Google image search). It’s fun to come across some pics snapped by our retail customers and fans. We especially appreciate the creativity! Plus, we’re super stoked to have a collective of cool behind us, and if you are a part of that wave, we thank you for contributing your photos and opinions across the great, expansive, worldwide web. Keep the love coming, folks. And take a peek at some of the snaps we grabbed for your visual enjoyment. Smooch!

Photo from Artisan Socks
Photo from cyclelicio.us
Photo from Frock Boutique
Photo from Juice Fairy
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo taken by Katherine O’Brien
Photo from Sock Dreams
Photo from Sock Dreams


A few of our favorite snaps…

Two important things I learned back in journalism school: 1. Photos speak louder than words; and 2. The average reader spends only about 20 seconds on a story before they move on. That’s a tough crowd! But I would agree that time is one of our most prized commodities. So, by all means, protect it!

So with that in mind, I thought I’d just share some customer photos we have on file. Just because they’re great. We’d love it if you sent us some sock photos, yourself! Just email us. Who knows, you could get some web love, too.

Portland Pedalpalooza – Hott Sock II Ride

If you read my last post, you know that we here at Sock It to Me are avid bike fans,which is why we thought it essential to partake in the events surrounding Portland’s annual Pedalpalooza event. Calling it an “event”, however, strips it of its grandiosity, for this pedal-fest stretches for two long weeks in June, with dozens of themed bike rides per day.

Sounds fun, right? Oh it is. All you do is show up with your bike, your helmet, and your wallet, with the intent of uniting with strangers and friends over your shared afinity for something random. Be it donuts or sunsets, cowboys or knee-highs, it’s especially fun when there is a dress-code, from prom-wear to no-wear to footwear.

We can’t take credit for organizing this year’s ride for the footwear folk. In fact, we again thank Argyle Amanda for including us in the second annual Hott Sock ride, which met up in downtown Portland and traveled first to Sock Dreams and then to the SITM headquarters. We ordered up a keg of local, organic brew from Hopworks and threw together a hilarious relay race, crafty sock design table, and tons of sock prizes. It was a blast. Check out this video Kisa put together for us. It’s just a lil snapshot of all the action:

Here, also, is the Flickr photo stream of pics taken at the event by BikePortland.org: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bikeportland/tags/hotsockride2010/

Can’t wait for next year’s ride. We’re so ready. Mark your calendars!