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A Look on the Bright Side

It’s a tough time of year: the end of winter is near, and the beginning of spring is almost here. The promise of brighter days is so close; and the nice days we do get can feel like a tease. But looking toward the sunny side is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for growth, for coming together, and for taking full advantage of the pleasant times we do have. And that‘s what’s inspired our spring sock styles!

Spread the Word

Spring is on its way and we’re taking the party outside! Longer days are already here: tulips and daffodils are making their way through the solid ground, and everywhere you look, hope is breaking through.

Here in the Northwest, we have what we call “sunbreaks”. Whenever the sun breaks through the clouds, we all run outside to bask in the light and warmth for the few minutes that we have. We grab a friend and something warm to drink and talk about things that make us happy like music (All That Jazz men’s crew) and Soccer (Kick It men’s crew).

Sharing a moment in fun socks.

Plant happy in garden socks.It’s also time to get your hands dirty and get planting. We love visiting farmers’ markets in early spring–they seem to explode in both plants and people this time of year. They are the perfect way to supplement the things we are growing ourselves, whether it’s for the plate or the vase. Our Whack-a-mole crews and Turnip the Beet knee highs were inspired by the green thumbs we have (or are trying to grow). Our produce might not look as perfect as what’s at the market, but playing in the dirt is always fun.

Spread the Blanket

Nothing says “embrace the sun” like a picnic. We love to take our lunches outside, when possible, to eat up every drop of sunshine that we can. When the sun rolls from behind the clouds, we unroll the blanket (even if the ground is sill a little damp) and enjoy our packed meals together. It doesn’t usually include wine, but it does include cheerful socks such as Winosaurus knee highs and Kitty Cone knee highs: inspired by our dream lunch accessories.

Fun picnic socks Kitty Cone and Winosaurus

Playing bocce ball in Femme-powerment Stretch-it and Stay Weird Stretch-itA picnic is a great excuse to bring out the lawn games, which we try to include in every Sock It to Me gathering. Is there anything classier than lawn games at a picnic? Yes. Playing them in STRETCH-IT™ Femme-Powerment and STRETCH-IT™ Stay Weird. These designs weren’t just inspired by the brightness we need to get through the last days of darkness, but by the bright flowers you should be bringing to the next picnic you’re invited to.


Spread the Love

Everyone’s invited to our picnic block party. That’s why our inspiration spreads across knee highs, men’s crews, women’s crews, STRETCH-IT’s, and kid’s socks. We even have some new men’s underwear. The spring season is all about growth and sharing: which we learned early on.

We’ve recently had a baby boom here at Sock It to Me (we’re growing up!), and it’s watching them that we learn our biggest lessons: share, be kind, and see what blossoms.

Children sharing and being adorable in cute socks.


These two are sharing more than good style in Mild Sauce for toddler and Kid’s Best Friend for toddler, they’re sharing good times.

The end of winter lets us know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. While you’re walking toward it, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with bright colors, bright friendships, and bright socks.

Come Join the Party!

The best thing about a Sock It to Me party is everyone’s invited! That’s why we gathered up all our new knee highs, crew socks, STRETCH-IT™s, and kids socks to one party to start the year out on the right foot. Read on for some behind the scenes secrets: what inspires us and our new styles.

Dance All Night

Our new sock styles were inspired by bright colors and brighter vibes. Sure the days are short, but they are getting longer every day! While we wait, we bring the brightness with us. For these new sock styles we thought: neon lights, balloons (both mylar and regular), and glitter EVERYTHING. Anything that reflects light is an inspiration because we have to use what little light we have. If you’ve got something, shine it!

Send a positive message across the dance floor and beyond in Hands Across Calves knee highs and STRETCH-IT Pride & Fabulous knee high socks. These are bold purple socks with an even bolder statement. And Pugasus, part pug, part pegasus—there’s a pup on a crew sock who knows how to flaunt what he’s got. But the party’s not over until everyone’s clinking glasses in the classy Socktail Hour men’s crew socks and striking poses in our men’s Say Cheese.

Play All Night

New fantasy and gaming socks for women, men, and kids featuring pandas, dragons, dolphins, spaceships, and a cinderella story.Nostalgia’s the game and we’re great at it. Growing up is for adults, so leave that to them and the fun and games to us. Our designs are inspired by what we do in real life, gathering around tables to eat and play!

Winter is the perfect time to share a meal and strategize. We love losing ourselves in boardgames and video games. It’s a fun way to escape, but also dial in our real life problem solving skills. Join us for a game or two in men’s crews Beware of Dragons and Intergalactic to hone your inside geek! (and your fantasy can become a reality too).

Music box ballerina socks for kids paired with ballerina shoes.We love to dress up and play pretend. Living your fantasy life during the winter can help keep things bright, and a little disguise can go a long way. But we’re not hiding in Happily Ever After, we’re living our own fairy tale lives! We’re all the the hero of our stories in these knee highs! Your little one can have big dreams in Tiny Dancer—straight from the music box onto the stage. These kids ballerina socks are available in youth crew and junior crew. Everyone can play dress up in Dancing Dolphin socks, inspired in part by our old sticker collections and part by our dream vacations. These Hawaiian sunsets on a sock are available in women’s crew, youth crew, junior crew, and toddler crew.

Care All Night

Bearly sprinkled bear socks for women, kids, and toddler.

When it’s cold and dark outside, we gather together for warmth and cheer. Sometimes we grab some matching socks too, so if we’re not near, we can stare at our feet, think of those we love, and smile. Bearly Sprinkled (inspired by a child’s drawing) is the perfect fit. With styles in women’s crew, youth and junior crew, and toddler knee high the whole family can wear them together or apart. Darker days can easily turn to darker moods, but bright styles and bright smiles can help when you surround yourself with those you love, even if it’s just a totem.

And whatever you do, stay you, stay positive, stay weird!

Design-a-Sock 2017 Winners!

2017 Design-a-Sock Winners

Thank you to all participants, whether you sent inspired drawings or voted on your favorites, for making 2017 Design-a-Sock Contest so great!

Now, let’s meet the artists behind the designs:

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-First-Place1st PlaceKatherine

Katherine comes from Maryland and is currently studying mechanical engineering in New Jersey. Art is her favorite hobby between classes, either filling her wall with drawings or being the artist on her friends video game projects. When she’s back home, she helps run a sports camp, makes her own costumes, bakes, and live with her boxer dog. She has a growing collection of colorful socks, and they’ve been a great help in making a good first impression.

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-SecondPlace2nd Place—Naomi

As a 22 year old student from Vancouver B.C, I am currently working towards becoming a graphic designer. Ive always had a passion for art and am constantly drawing or painting on my spare time. The world of Graphic design was new to me but once I enrolled in it at school I fell in love. This was the first time I ever participated in the Sock it to Me design contest, or any design contest in that matter, and I loved how creative you could get! It was so much fun seeing my idea come to life and I can’t believe other people liked it as well!

My online portfolio: www.naomiokada.com 

2017-Design-a-Sock-Winner-ThirdPlace3rd PlaceIsabel

My name is Isabel, and I am a 13-year old artist. I’ve been making art for nearly 10 years now, and I don’t think it will ever die out. I’m very ambitious; I’m always working to improve, and always afraid to lose. I’ve won several contests before, but for me to win a place in such a huge event is a huge thing for me! I enjoy playing video games, watching cartoons, and spending time with my fellow geek friends. I also listen to a lot of music. Possibly too much…?

Meet the Sock it to Me crew!!

Ever wonder who puts those socks neatly in those little packages you receive?  Or who you talked to on the phone when you called in?  Its little ole us!  See what kinds of things we like to do outside of socks, as well as stuff we like about socks.


Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Little kid Midwest
Later roamed around all over
Now checking it out


One kind of mean, but cute baby tiger errr… cat (Rocco)

#1 Food item:

Kraft Mac and Cheese from the box. I usually eat it once a week.

Pick One: Ninja/ Pirate / Cowboy

Ninja, duh! They are like totally the best.

Super power:

Raw celery radar! No me gusta celery, it has a really strong flavor, so I can pick it out in even the smallest amounts. So don’t you try slipping any diced celery into my chicken salad, I’ll catch you!

Cheese of choice:

For nachos and grilled cheese sandwiches, American is the way to go. I’m telling you….it melts so much better than the rest. (Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve bought and consumed at least one loaf of Velvetta this year.) For munching down on just some regular cheese I like extra sharp cheddar, smoked gouda, muenster, and mozzarella string cheese sticks are a couple of my favs. I’m not a fan of the stinky, moldy stuff.

Weeks ambition:

Make some progress on the art space in the garage, get some sun, hang out with cute boy.


Favorite Sock:

Hmmmm, I really like the simple 2 color stripped socks we carry for everyday wear, argyles look great w/a skirt for a classy look, and my current favorite pattered sock is our Dear Deer. He’s such a cute little guy.

What kind of tree are you:

The big old kind with really thick and textured bark that only big old trees can have.

# of socks in your sock drawer:

Uhhh, you mean sock drawers plural?? Well, I don’t have an actually count but I’d guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 200-250 pair that are actually in use.



Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Kona. Oregon.

New York City was neat. But

Portland is home.


Nibbler Cupcake Monster Kaipaka-McMannis the First. He’s a ferocious killer! 3 kitties that are really fat. 1 rock my mom gave me.

#1 Food item:

Salad Dressing. Not by itself. I eat a lot of lettuce and could not handle it without a different dressing every time. I have a rack of salad dressings. My favorites are balsamic vinegar and jalapeño ranch. I don’t need croutons or any of that crap but if there isn’t a good dressing on it, I’m giving the salad to my dog.

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowboy

Cowboy! I fancy the idea of riding horses while shooting people.


Super Power:

Mind control. I would not be noble with this power and would totally abuse it to make everyone on my block paint their houses neon colors and  buy ponies to stick in the front yard for my amusement.

Cheese of choice:

Dill Harvarti preferably not moldy. My guilty pleasure is buying a really good loaf of fresh bread at the bakery, some havarti, an avocado, and some turkey and then making the best sandwich ever. I then sit on my couch eating it until nothing else will fit in my belly.

Week’s Ambition:

To drive a tractor. It could happen.

Favorite Sock:

C12. I love me some turquoise. I am looking forward to the crew socks because my fattie legs don’t fit some of our knee highs well. I’m sure I will have a new favorite soon!

What type of tree are you?

Eucalyptus because it smells.

# of socks in your sock drawer:

I have more socks than all my other clothing combined. If I could sew well I would make a sock jump suit.



Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Hippies for parents

Write screenplays in my spare time

Karaoke for fun


A black lab named Baxter and a calico cat named GoGo

Kisa#1 food item:

Steak. The bloodier the better.

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowbow

Super Power:

I can leap short fences in a single bound.

Cheese of choice:

Cake. Does cheesecake count?

Week’s Ambition:

To drive a moving van down Portland’s narrow streets without killing any cyclists or destroying parked cars.

Favorite Socks:


What type of tree are you?

Wisteria- A twisted little tree, but smells nice.

Number of socks in your sock drawer:




Tell us your life story in haiku form:

Drool. Lick. Eat. Poop. Pee.

Love Love Love Love Love Love Love

Nibbler hearts sleeping.


Amber, Shawn

#1 Food item:

Liver is oh so good!

Pick One: Ninja / Pirate / Cowboy

Pirate for the booze.

Super Power:

Rubber Feet

Cheese of choice:

Any that falls on the ground.

Week’s Ambition:

To chase a cat or maybe fall asleep outside.

Favorite Sock:

Partial to leg warmers.

What type of tree are you?

I eat trees!

# of socks in your sock drawer:

If I had a drawer, I would put my dog treats in it. Not socks.