2018 Geek pride Day

We searched the entire sock fortress and collected a few geeks for this year’s Geek Pride Day. While every day at SITM is overtly geeky we wanted to call special attention to this holiday, these geeks, and come together to celebrate all the weird stuff we’re passionate about. Below you will find how being super … Continue reading 2018 Geek pride Day

2017 Geek pride Day

It’s hip to be a geek! Geek Pride Day is here again and we’re so excited to share our nerdom with you. Being a geek isn’t about knowing more than someone else. It’s about being really, really into something and wanting to share that love and appreciation with everyone who will listen. So, got a … Continue reading 2017 Geek pride Day

Fall’s Well That Ends Well

You might see “Back to School” signs hanging in stores and shudder. This is the end of summer. There were more hikes to be hiked, rivers to be paddled, and patios to be lounged upon! But the end of summer is not something to be mourned. Instead, early fall is an opportunity for forging new … Continue reading Fall’s Well That Ends Well