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New, Awesome Designs delivered monthly!

That’s right, we started our own monthly sock delivery service! Now our Magical Flying Ponies will drop off exclusive socks & extra goodies on your doorstep each month. Sign up today and put your sock game on auto pilot.

Here’s the lowdown…

We’re sending 2 pairs per box. The first box goes out July 10th, 2017. We’ve got 1, 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions available: starting at just $22! Shipping, free extras, and uncontrollable happiness is always included.

We’ve set up a FAQ on our subscription if you have more questions, and of course you can always contact us!

We’re starting with options for just Women and Men, but hope to expand to Kids, Underwear, and more in the future. We’re also starting with delivery to US territories only… but if our friends in other lands are really interested, we could expand!

Tell us what you want to see in the comments: you know we love hearing from you all!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide


We have socks that are as unique as your loved ones, but since we have hundreds of them, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We went through all our socks & undies and found some fun suggestions for everyone on your list this year. Good luck!


Tangled Lights Underwear

A few tangled strands don’t keep this guy from putting your icicle lights to shame…click to read more.

Mazel Toes

The perfect thing for your friend to wear as she’s making you latkes & applesauce from scratch…click to read more.

Toddler Crew; Tacky Holiday Sweater

Not only does this family have matching Christmas sweaters, they take the perfect holiday photo too…click to read more.

Free Shipping for the Rest of the Year!

2013 end of year free shipping USJust in time to do your last minute holiday shopping – we’re now offering FREE SHIPPING for all U.S. retail orders until the end of the year!!

Order your Christmas socks now to make someone’s season merry and bright – or better yet, their feet warm and toasty. Here’s a list of our Christmas sock styles and if you need some other awesome ideas, here’s a list of our Best Selling designs (the people have spoken and they LOVE these designs the most!).


Sock It to Me’s Most Wanted Holiday Gifts This Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  While we’re all slowly recovering from our scrumptious Thanksgiving feast food comas, visions of sugar-plums are already dancing through our heads. 🙂  ‘Tis the season of giving, and our team at Sock It to Me has already been pounding the pavement, scouring the shelves for the PERFECT gifts for our loved ones.  But, of course, we’ve run into the same, classic problem that every good shopper faces at one time or another — along the way, we’ve discovered many great items we’d like to add to our own Christmas lists.  So just in case you were wondering what to get us for the holidays, we’ve compiled a small list of our most wanted holiday gifts this year!

After a crazy, hectic holiday season in the Sock It to Me warehouse packing the hundreds of orders that come in daily, Kisa dreams of a white Christmas, but not necessarily white snow.  Instead, she wants a big, fluffy down comforter and a quiet place to nap.  We can’t promise the quiet, but the down comforter shouldn’t be too hard to find!

Heaven Must Look A Lot Like This

Just like her eclectic job titles here at Sock It to me, Amber‘s wishlist contains all kinds of off-the-wall items.  After browsing the pages of Etsy, Amber came up with a thorough list of must-haves.  Whose home isn’t complete without a “Corporate Portrait Print – Sea Otter” by Etsy’s Shanalogic smiling down on them while they eat their breakfast cereal?!  And no outfit is complete without a dinosaur necklace!

Corporoate Portrait Sea Other Print by Shanalogic
Corporoate Portrait Sea Other Print by Shanalogic


Rawr! Dinosaur Necklace by Shanalogic

Whoever pulled our GM for the office gift exchange this year might have a little trouble finding his gift at the mall.  As a father of “two girls ages 2.5 and .3,” Matt just wants a little more time to spend with his family.  (What do you think the cost of that is?!) With a little luck, he’ll be re-establishing his family’s annual trip to Whistler to hit the slopes and spend a little QT with his girls.  We don’t know if Santa can fit all that in his sleigh, but here’s to hoping that Father Time saves the day and grants him a little Christmas miracle 🙂

Whistler Ski Resort

Carrie agreed with Matt that the best gift she’ll be receiving is a little time off to spend with her family in Nebraska.  The holidays are all about loved ones anyway, right?  Of course, she wouldn’t mind finding a shower cap (Matt says he has that one covered), some work out shorts, and portable iPhone speakers under the tree as well. 🙂

Mostly this…
With a little of that…

Our Customer Service Representative Extraordinaire Jacob is crossing his fingers for a little Christmas magic as well.  Father Time is going to be pretty busy with our Sock It to Me crew this year!  Jacob would love to unwrap a jet pack or a teleporting gun (all very reasonable gifts) to shorten his daily commute and give him a little more leisurely time to spend at home.  (Of course, if we actually had a jet pack, we probably wouldn’t be spending much time at home anyways!)

Can we get one with mustaches please?


Only 25 more days to Christmas! Let the countdown begin! What’s on your holiday wish list this year? We’d love to hear! Feel free to post a comment below, or send it to us at press@sockittome.com!