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2016 Holiday Gift Guide


We have socks that are as unique as your loved ones, but since we have hundreds of them, it can be hard to find the perfect one. We went through all our socks & undies and found some fun suggestions for everyone on your list this year. Good luck!


Tangled Lights Underwear

A few tangled strands don’t keep this guy from putting your icicle lights to shame…click to read more.

Mazel Toes

The perfect thing for your friend to wear as she’s making you latkes & applesauce from scratch…click to read more.

Toddler Crew; Tacky Holiday Sweater

Not only does this family have matching Christmas sweaters, they take the perfect holiday photo too…click to read more.

Stuff from stores we like

We like cute things around here. And we also love the stores out there who support Sock It to Me. So this is a little love token to them (and to our inner-shopper, always looking for the next best gift or statement of style)… enjoy!

“My little beating heart” plush toy from Fun Frugal Finds, San Francisco
“Owl lineup” mini wallet from BuyOlympia.com
Super Portland-like lockets (by Locket2you) at Presents of Mind, Portland
(Hey we like lightning bolts, too!) “Big Wednesday” trunks from Ian, downtown Seattle
Star Wars’ Yoda 2GB mimobot from Dream in Plastic, Beacon, NY
Lovely lime laces (2-tone!) from Super Fat Laces, UK
Skeletal bootie grab shorts from Fast Girl Skates, Seattle
Sassy asymmetrical dress by Free People from karmaloop.com

Well, that’s about all we can handle. (Cyber shopping is exhausting!) Check out all of the links below for more fun goodies from our fave sites and shops. We love them and hope you will to!

Gifts Inspired by the Rain

It’s ultra rare for snow to fall in Portland. Instead, we have these heavy downpours that require rainboots and hooded jackets… and, dare I say it, umbrellas. And if you haven’t already heard, Portlanders don’t use umbrellas. Pride aside, this December weather is downright disgusting. Thus it is time for the umbrella. And if you must sport an umbrella, it needs to be a chic one.

For all of the sloppy wet days that make me gripe, I thought it would be fun to bring you a gift guide inspired by Portland’s most predictable friend.


Heart umbrella, $29.99 at ModCloth:

Umbrella earrings, $12 at Presents of Mind:

Kate Spade wellies, $125 at Zappos:

Right as Rain knee high socks, $7.50 from Sock It to Me:

“Singing in the Rain” macbook decal, $10 by Krazy Kutz at ArtFire Housewares:

Rain cloud necklace, $34 by DoughLadyDesigns on Etsy:


Shroud of Purrin softshell, $335 from Nau:

Waterproof messenger bag, $85 from Manhattan Portage:

“Big Bright Blue Rain on a Black Tee,” $25 by Ahpeele on Etsy:

Tretorn Strala Vinter rain boot, $44 at Zappos:

Gift Ideas According to You

Gift-giving has gotten a little out of hand for me. What started with a sweet spirit of generosity has turned into number crunching and color-coding. Yes, color-coding. I kid you not; I have a color-coded spreadsheet. With multiple tabs. And a list of people about a mile long. Because once you start adding people to your list, you have to make sure you don’t leave anyone out. So you start stressing and fretting, hoping you have enough money to cover it all. And it just makes you want to cancel the whole shebang, and go back to giving cards — simple, homemade cards. Not these super elaborate cards with layers and “pop” and embossing powder and whatchamacallits…

See what I mean? I’m a wreck. So in the hopes of collecting gifting wisdom from you, our dear sweet fans, I turned to Facebook, where all things are possible. Well, nearly.

Here is what you came up with for gift ideas in the “$10 and under” category:

1. Tiny booze bottles (Nathan, of Seattle)

2. Cookies and lottery tickets… or a can of potted meat and a wig (Danielle)

3. SITM socks (Aw thanks, Emily, Andrea, and Sheryl!)

4. Carved olive wood hearts from Kenya and other fine things from Global Exchange (Nichole)

5. Condoms (MaLinda)

6. Fun, Portland-made delights like the adorable fruit-n-veg earrings (below) by Erin Goldwater, sold at Little Things, the cute new shop in NW PDX (Andrea)

7. Make-your-own coin purses, sock inspired! (Addison)

Holiday Gift Guide: Whales + Owls + Dinos

We will unashamedly say that we love presents. We love to give them, and we love to receive them (even if they are pieced together with paper and glue). After all, if it’s made with love, it’s received with love… well, in our book, at least.

Having made the majority of gifts over the years, we want this year to be different. But with so many people to shop for and not enough direction, we thought we’d piece together a gift guide, using a few of our own socks as inspiration. Right now, our hearts are all aflutter for whales, dinos and owls. (They are so stinkin cute. My gosh!) We hope you join us in our star-struck wonder… and get a few good gift ideas while you’re at it!  Happy gift hunting, friends! xo

{ Whales }

Whales, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Sterling silver whale card holder, $250 from www.lecherchemidi-nantucket.com
Whale tote, $20 from Supermarket
Wall art by Kate Endle, $375 from Velocity Art and Design

{ Owls }

Owl knee-highs, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Owl locket, $25 by the Enchanted Locket (Etsy)
Owl pillow, $50 from yunapyon (Etsy)
Owl night light, $40 from Happy Owl Glass
Owl hook, $22 from Digs

{ Dinosaurs }

Dinomite, $7.50 from Sock It to Me
Zuny Dinosaur bookend, $48 from Yanko Design
Dinosaur necklace, $11.99 from ModCloth
Dinosaur letterpress "Thank You" cards, $15 (for 8 cards) from Pocket Creative (Etsy)

p.s. We can’t let you go without saying this: Gifts come and gifts go, but words of love are forever remembered. ♥