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Something New Under the Sun

Summer’s here. Our shoulders relax, our eyes focus on the horizon, and we let out a collective sigh, “Ahhhhhhh….” It’s time to shift perspective from inward out onto the bright and beautiful world around us!

Sunlight brings new things to light: friendship, color, & humor. We captured all of that in our new new sock collection. Let’s take a look.

Step Into the Light

During the winter months, we can get a little too introverted. Sure, our cats and indoor plants enjoy the extra attention, but once the sun breaks through, our eyes begin to wander outside the confines of our homes.

Cat-ercise Crew Socks for Women, Retro Rainbow Crew Socks for WomenMake the most of these longer days while they’re here! What better way to celebrate the sunshine than with friends? Women’s crew socks like Cat-ercise and Retro Rainbow remind us of our chilhoods—playing with Lite-Brite & making up silly dances in our living rooms (or was that last Saturday?). If you can’t get a little giggly in the sun with your friends, when can you?

Our connections make us stronger and happier, so find that silly self and do something absolutely childish! Pick up your phone, pick up some chalk, and have some frivolous fun.

Bright This Way

STRETCH-IT Land of the Dino Knee High Socks for Women and Men, Stretch-It Reigning Confetti Knee High Socks for Women and MenIn the Northwest, the winter can get so dark we barely notice the colors around us. It’s not just that a tree will lose its leaves, we also just don’t see the green that’s there as vividly. Once the summer sun shows its face, BAM, green everywhere. Suddenly, we ask ourselves, “Was that building always purple?”

Colors just show more brightly in the summer and we wanted our new sock collection to POP in the sun. For example, STRETCH-IT Land of the Dino has dinosaurs and Paleo plants that are nearly neon & STRETCH-IT Reigning Confetti has a rainbow nearly bursting off it with confetti fit for any spontaneous dance party.

Paws-itively Adorable Crew Socks for Toddler, Keep Dreamin' Knee High Socks for Toddler
The indoors can be bright too, with kids socks Paws-itively Adorable & Keep Dreamin’ lighting up this room.

We picked the brightest crayons in the box—or chalk in the bin—to illuminate the fact that the most radiant season of the year is finally here.

It’s a Knee High…It’s a Crew…It’s a Pun!

Hang in There Knee High Socks for Women, Chew on This Crew Socks for Men, Something to Tweet About Knee High Socks for WomenThings aren’t always what they seem. On the surface, these colorful socks are just bright and have fun themes. This pink knee high sock is merely celebrating the aerial adventures of sloths—or so it would seem! Take a look at the sock to its right, just a nice crew sock passionate about pups. OR IS IT? Then there’s a knee high covered in birds carrying banners. Pretty straightforward. Think again!

Look closer at these socks and you’ll see there’s more than first meets the eye. Names might help: Hang in There, Chew on This, & Something to Tweet About.

Man Cave Crew Socks for Men, Mana-Tea Knee High Socks for Women

We LOVE puns. It puts two of our favorite things together: words & play. With Man Cave and Mana-Tea, your friends might approach to say, “Neat outdoor scene on your crew socks” or “Cute tea cup knee highs”. But, as they approach, they’ll see the true genius of your wardrobe choice. And like that, another layer is brought to light.

Ready to live your brightest life? Our new socks are ready to light the way!

Hidden Happy Moments

We Perfected No Show Socks

We made the perfect no show sock. Seriously. We tested these guys ourselves (plus on a bunch of other people) and they actually stay on. There’s a silicone grip on the heel that keeps it up where it should be. Our contour knit gently hugs your arch all day (awww, tiny foot snuggles) to make the sock stay in place. The no shows know: you don’t want to shove them back into place or mess with them all day. They heel.

Sock It to Me No Show socks with rainbows, unicorns, and pugs.

No show socks are for everybody! Our no shows are unisex & uniquely mismatched—simply pick the size and style that’s right for you. All designs are genderless and come in 3 sizes: small, medium, & large. Find you best fit according to shoe size, then discover which complete story you want your pair to tell. Two ends of one rainbow? Diametrically composed unicorns? The sock story is up to you!

Sock It to Me No Show socks with space theme: planets and stars.Sock fun doesn’t stop when the sun’s out! Is it too hot to wear fun knee high socks? Don’t want weird sock tan lines? No problem. When you’re wearing sneakers, slip-ons, or loafers, you appear sockless in no shows. But, kick off those shoes and it’s a whole other story! Imagine the shock when you reveal you’ve been speeding through space or crashing with sloths THIS WHOLE TIME. Plus, everyone will be relieved that your shoes won’t stink from not wearing socks.

But hang on: why “no show” socks?

Why create a hidden sock when we’re known for bright, attention-grabbing designs? We brought all of our sock mastery to the elusive no show sock. Just like underwear, sometimes…

Sock It to Me No Show socks with sloths in bumper cars.Some happy moments are just for you. Yes, you support Mexican Cat Wrestling. You’re all for chill pugs. But not everyone needs to know that every day. You can walk confidently knowing that your passion is tucked neatly into your sneakers and you’re the only one who knows it’s there. Or, are you? You’re walking so proudly in your no show socks—knowing they are so fully hidden and so fully present—that everyone will notice something is there even if they can’t see it.

Check out all our new no show socks and tell us what you think!

Perfect Father’s Day Gifts

Daily Mom chose our men’s socks as one of their favorite Father’s Day gifts!

“Socks from Sock It to Me are soft and comfortable but instead of coming in boring neutral colors, Sock It to Me socks feature funny, creative, and whimsical patterns created by artists.”

See what styles they chose and what else they have to say about our men’s crew socksFather’s Day Gift Guide 2018: Father’s Day Fashion Gifts.

A child gifting his father fun Sock It to Me socks.