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Lil’ BUB Judges Socks

We’re not the only ones who think it’s really cool to have famous space kitty Lil’ BUB judging our 2016 Design-a-Sock Contest. PopSugar interviewed BUB about her experience as a judge and you can read all about it!

So says Lil’ BUB, “All I know is that I look at the socks, enter an altered state of consciousness, and then snap out of it with my final decision. (Also, let me just say that if the sock design features dinosaurs, I’m gonna be all about it.)”

Read the rest of her inspiring and adorable answers here.



International Design-A-Sock Contest Accepting Entries NOW!

DASC14 Design A Sock Contest 2014

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year — Sock It To Me DESIGN-A-SOCK CONTEST TIME!

This year, things are even MORE aweome! We’re calling it our Very Special 10th Anniversary International Design-a-Sock of Awesomeness Contest is going on now through the deadline for entries, September 26.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can submit a sock design for a chance to see their dream sock become a reality, and win a cash prize of $5000! This year we also have an AWESOME group of celebrity judges; Lil’ Bub, Brian Posehn, Aesop Rock, Misterwives (the band), Ron Funches and experts from the fashion industry!

So don’t delay: download a design form, create a sock masterpiece, and enter your design for a chance to make what you love into a sock (and win some pretty sweet prizes)!

The Evolution of a Sock

One quick scroll through our product pages and you can easily see we have the most awesome socks in the world – but ever wonder how they actually get there?  We’re going to give you a little sneak peak into the world of sock creation.  Remember our Design-a-Sock contest winner from earlier this year – the amazing octopus sock?! We’ve been working tirelessly on getting it produced and ready to sell since the voting ended.  Here’s how it all went down…

We received the hand-drawn sketch as one of our contest entries, and of course immediately fell in love with it!  Then we scanned it in and posted it to Facebook to see if all of our Facebook fans loved it just as much as we did.   With 455 votes, the octopus design took 1st place, and Gaige collected his prize money.


The original sketch!


Our contest winner collecting his prize money!

To get this sock design produced, our talented graphic designers duplicated the design electronically.  They create views from all angles of the sock.  Next, we pulled out our huge yarn book and assigned colors to the design.


Then we sent off all of our artwork to the manufacturers and patiently (and not so patiently at times) waited to receive samples.  About a month later, we received our first sample!  As excited as we were, we knew there was still a ton of work to be done on this particular sock.  Everyone in the office tries on the samples (many different leg sizes!), but unfortunately, because of all the details in the tentacles, they were too tight on everyone!

We revised the artwork, tried to minimize the details, and off it went again to the manufacturer!  When we received the 2nd sample, it was again too tight!  We knew we’d lose the awesomeness of the design if we minimized it even more, so we made the executive decision to make it a crew sock.

It actually worked out well here since we then decided to make it for both men and women!  Of course, that added extra work since the colors were a little too feminine for most men (think bright, cheery colors), so we toned it down a bit and sent it off for a final time.

Our 3rd samples were amazing!  We gave the manufacturers the green light and should be receiving a whole stash of octopus socks at the end of the month!


Women’s Octopus Sock!
Men’s Octopus Sock!


Can’t wait to get these socks on our site!  They’ll be released soon, along with the rest of our Fall 2012 launches!  Stay tuned 🙂




Open House + Voting Party

Last Friday, we held our first in-house voting party (and open house) for our famed Design-A-Sock Contest. Now even though we’ve been doing this since 2007, this particular contest rocked our world. So it only made sense to throw a party.

In the span of ten days, we saw tons of winner-worthy designs come through our inbox, making it extremely difficult to narrow the 2,000 or so submissions down to just 50 designs. When we finally did, we plastered those top 50 on a wall, brought in hundreds of dollars’ worth of catered bites, beer and wine, and then invited Portland’s coolest of cool – including spray-paint artist and DJ Matt Stanger – to join us for one hoppin’ shindig.

It was a hit. To say the least. Check out these photos taken by our friend, Todd. And make sure to vote on Facebook, if you haven’t already. We’ll announce the winners tomorrow by 10am!

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