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Business News Daily: September 2017

Business News Daily shared the Sock It to Me story—our origin & where we’re headed—in their article Colorful Socks from South Korea Inspired This Fun Apparel Brand.

“You might have to wear a suit or a uniform to work, but you can still have a little bit of colorful YOU pop through.”

Read the full article to find out more about what exciting things we’re planning next!

Sock It to Me in Inc. 5000!

Sock It to Me is on the 2017 Inc. 5000 list! That means we are “one of the fastest-growing private companies in America” according to Inc. Magazine.

This is such a mighty achievement and we’re proud to join the ranks of the great companies that have been honored before and with us.

You can view our profile or see the entire Inc. 5000 list.

Forbes: August 2017

Forbes wrote an article about Sock It to Me titled, “How Online Sock Seller Sock It to Me Got Serious And Quadrupled It Sales” based on an interview with our owner and CEO, Carrie & Michelle.

This article takes you from the origin of Sock It to Me, through 13 years of growth and change.

“The way we do things is very optimistic and inclusive, and we see that mirrored back to us every day in the response from our customers: they feel understood, they feel valued, and they spread that to others.” -Carrie Atkinson

Read the full article here.