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Some Wide Calf Sock Love

“Sock It to Me not only carries wide calf socks that go up to approximately 21″ widths, but they also have stretch-it technology that allows the socks to stretch without losing the design! This is a big deal for plus size women!” writes the Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger.

Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger in STRETCH-IT Starry Night Socks

The Mighty Murphin Fashion Ranger wearing STRETCH-IT Rainbow Blast unicorn socks.She chose three of our more vibrant STRETCHIT™ styles: Starry Night, Tacosaurus, & Rainbow Blast and loved them all. She says, “You can wear them lounging around the house in pajamas or jazz up an outfit with them when you’re feeling playful!”

“…when it comes to socks and shoes, plus size women have a lot less options due to our wide calves,” says The Might Murphin Fashion Ranger.

In 2015 we created a new sock machine to fix that issue. It knits with a higher thread count so the socks stretch more without loosing the intended pattern. Since then, our STRETCH-IT™ collection has just kept growing.

Read her full review here.

Zach & His Sock Collection Are Going to Hollywood!

Zach D’Onofrio has a few great things going for him: he’s charming, he’s got a great sock collection, and it turns out he has an amazing voice!

Zach started out his audition by handing out socks (including two that might seem pretty familiar to SITM fans) to judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. Though Katy says he “had her at kitten socks” we think everyone was blown away by the whole package.

We’re so proud of you, Zach! We can’t wait to see what you do next. You can follow his journey via his instagram: @zach_donofrio

Watch Zach’s audition and tell us you aren’t awestruck by his sincerity and talent!

American Idol Contestant Zach D'Onofrio

American Idol Judes Katy Perry and Luke Bryan with Sock It to Me Socks



MR Features Our Upcoming Men’s Dressy Line

Sock It to Me is introducing a men’s dressy line—LUXE—later this year. MR, the Menswear Industry’s Magazine, met with our CEO and Design Director to go over the finer points of this new product.

“We’ve been looking at the dress market since 2015, but wanted to make sure we had the right aesthetic,” says CEO Michelle Walker. “In doing our research, one of the biggest problems we discovered was that male consumers were seeking socks with comfort and stay-up power, while still wanting to express their sense of style. It took us a while to find the right combination.”

MR Magazine Spread of Sock It to Me LUXE Dressy Socks

Read the full article here & expect to see LUXE in stores and on our website in September.

Sock It to Me Underwear for Valentine’s Day!

Seattle Times suggests that you “celebrate Valentine’s Day with coordinating undies in fun, festive prints.”

They have some other great things to say in their article: Under it all, a real love match:

“A planet theme is the perfect fit for starry-eyed lovers, while a Sasquatch Valentine print reflects your joint Northwest pride.”

Read the full article here.

Seattle Times says Sock It to Me Underwear is perfect for Valentine's Day

100 Cool Girls on More Good Day Oregon!

More Good Day Oregon visited Sock It to Me Headquarters to talk Cool Girls. Supporting women is something we live and breath at Sock It to Me, so we loved getting one more chance to chat about the Cool Girl movement we’ve been running for over 8 years.

Carrie and Molly celebrating 100 Cool Girls!
Carrie and Molly celebrating 100 Cool Girls!

We’ve been featuring inspirational women and girls since 2009 and we recently hit a milestone: 100 Cool Girls highlighted.

Read more about the 100 Cool Girls on our blog (where you can nominate inspirational women in your life) and hear more about our movement in our interview with More Good Day Oregon:

More Good Day Oregon Cool Girl Interview with Sock It to Me